Monday, February 27, 2012

A Very Windy Walk

Last Saturday, after getting all of my errands done, I attempted to take Charlie for a walk at the local park.   There was a wind advisory in effect, but how bad could it be?

ps.  I'm very ready for spring.  Winter pictures are pretty boring without snow and I'm sick of these brown, leafless photos.  Anyway...

Yeah, it was bad.  The temp was only in the 40s so I figured my sweatshirt/windbreaker combo would keep me warm.

I should have guessed how bad it was when I pulled up and there was only one car there.

I didn't want to turn around and leave because we had only just gotten there.  I couldn't take the wind and Charlie wasn't a big fan either.  We were back in the car after her 3 pees and one poop (translation - seven minutes).

Well, she was back in the car.  I wanted to get a couple pics of the geese, so I left her in the warm, wind-free car while I took a few more photos.  My little hunter loves chasing tiny animals, so I knew she wouldn't be good company right then.

As soon as they saw me coming, they headed straight for the water.  I love my 50mm lens, but there's no zoom; so getting some good photos of the geese proved to be pretty impossible.

Even though our walk was very short, it still tired out my little pup.  She got herself all excited and by the time we were in the car she was ready for her nap.  Guess we'll just have to try again another day.

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  1. Did she use her little pillow in the car for her nap? Too cute.