Friday, February 3, 2012

Top Six

This past weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  Birthday party's in my family are pretty low key - family dinner and presents.  Perfect.  And that is exactly what we did for my Dad last Saturday.  We were going to have dinner at Char's, but I knew that would not be enough Cam time for me.  I headed over Saturday morning around 10 and then proceeded to take 149 photos of Cameron.  I have learned the hard way that you cannot count on just one photo to be perfect - so I take at least 4 of each pose/situation and pick the one I like best, hence, 149 photos.

Instead of posting all of the photos for you, I'll only post my top six.  You're welcome.

I am at the mercy of those eyes.  End of story.

The sunglasses section at Target has some pretty interesting choices.  The tricky part is actually getting to take the photo before Cam takes them off.  See, he is already reaching toward his face to take the glasses off!  Too quick!

Cameron is getting pretty good at posing for the camera.  This is his cheese face.  As soon as he sees me pick up the camera, he makes this face.  Once again, you have to be fast because it's gone in a flash.

Nap time was pretty short on Saturday, so he was ready for some quality cuddle time with his mama.  Cuddle time just isn't as fun unless you are playing angry birds on the iPhone.

Whenever I see Cam we always seem to have the same conversation (actually, Cam does all the talking):  "Purse? Phone? Purse? Phone? Bubbles? Bubbles?"  Then, as any good aunt would, I hand over the phone and he plays his favorite games: Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, Make It Pop, and Fruit Ninja.

His little beefy hands are two of my favorite things about this little guy.  I guess this is one of those things that strangers might find, well, strange.  Sorry, but I love my nephews chubby fingers, every single knuckle and nail.

This is Cam's version of hiding.  He's not good at it, but he's not yet two.  I have a feeling hiding skills improve with age; though, once you hit a certain size your ability to play hide and seek is severely limited.  It's a crying shame.

So there you have it, my top six.

ps. To all the friends and family reading this, make sure to check out Cara Sorella.  I've posted many more Cam photos for Esther, so there's much more cuteness to be had!

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  1. Totally cute - and such a sweet and adorable little boy. But there's one more picture I'd love to see...Auntie Ginner taking pictures of Cam in Target!