Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I took this photo of the Camster.  I don't normally have profile shots of this kiddo, so once I saw this I started scheming.

And just so that we are all on the same page, this was stuck in my head the entire time I did this project; it's only fair that it's stuck in your head while you read this post.

I used my pen tool in Photoshop to turn this photo into a silhouette.  See all that hair?  I did that.  The pen tool is like a connect-the-dots, expect you make your own dots.  So, I created all those little spikes by making tons of little dots.  The result was worth the effort.

When I cut his head out using my Silhouette machine, I was worried all the little hairs would have been a waste of time.  But, since my machine rocks, all the little hairs made it out just fine.  Seriously, I love my machine.

I knew I didn't want a plain background for behind Cam's head, so I started messing around with shapes and patterns. (I'll post my first attempt on Thursday.  It makes me shudder, it was that bad.) I saw this photo on Freckled Nest and fell in love with the design on the wall.  I created a template and traced out a star to figure out my colors.  I saw there was a color pattern within the star, so I labeled mine to match theirs.

Honestly, this part was really frustrating, I couldn't see the whole picture or how the pattern repeated across the wall.  At one point I looked at this photo and grunted "Get your body out of the way!"  Then when I realized I was talking to paper, I got over it.

When I first looked at the design on the wall I saw a star.  So when I tried to repeat the pattern it was not working at all.  After finally figuring out the repeating pattern, I created a template.  It is by no means perfect, but it worked well enough.

I traced the pattern onto my bristol paper and then put Camo's head on to make sure I liked what I saw.  Loved it!  Moving on....

I drew a couple practice stars to figure out my color combo.  Plus, I had to figure out how to get that gold to thicken up and not look like crap.  I ended up mixing it with some white.  Then when that first coat dried, I went back over it with unmixed gold.  I chose the color combo on the right.  The contrast in the one on the left was a little too much for me.

It took me a couple hours to get this finished, but it was worth it.  All I needed was my Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station and I was good to go.  Can you find my mistakes?  I can - there are four.  Keeping this pattern correct was really difficult.  I kept getting lost because I was spinning it all around while painting.

Three dang diamonds that I got mixed up and a blue spot where there should be no blue spot.  Fortunately, that blue spot is covered by Cam's head and the mixed up triangles are impossible to see.  Unless, of course, you're awesome.  In that case, congrats!

Here's a picture to show you the metalic gold on the canvas.  It needed a little bling.  I don't normally like gold, but gold is the new silver so I tried to stay trendy.  Someone please tell me I'm wrong about that.  I hate gold.

All that's left is finding a frame and it will be complete!  I'm really pleased with how this turned out and I think I'll be making one for myself.  Since my other sister requested one as well, I guess I better get started!


  1. Cam is just cute from every angle!

  2. Um..this is awesome! Cool - you'll make this when I have kids someday! :)