Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Model

This is my favorite nephew Cameron.  If you've read this blog even one time, you know him.  I'm  little obsessed, but that's ok because I'm his aunt.  Anyway, this little guy wanted to try out my new chair, so of course I got the camera.  He's starting to like our little photo shoots.  He gets really goofy and makes all sorts of funny faces.

I know this one is a little blurry, but Esther, you will appreciate this.  He leaned forward on the chair so he could point at your car and say "Esther's car!"  Oh and the last few times I've skyped with Cammy and Char, he points at your pictures and says "Esther? Esther?".

Everything is exciting with Cameron.  I don't even know what he is doing here, but I love it.

I know exactly what he is doing in this picture.  He was looking at Charlie and screaming with joy.  He gets so excited to see that little dog.  He loves to get kisses from Charlie, but he freaks out and runs away right before she actually kisses him.

Though Charlie is never excited to see Cameron.  After spending a few days with that boy, she sleeps for hours and hours when we get back to my apartment.

I wish I could see these little feet on my chairs every day.  Every single day.

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