Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Desktop Wallpaper

Last month, I posted about my Smashing Magazine desktop wallpaper entry.  They didn't pick it, but I still really enjoyed making it.  I decided to start a new tradition by creating a new wallpaper for each month.

If you'd like to use one these images:
-click on the image to enlarge it
-right click
-save image as
-good to go

This month there are several choices:

smashing magazine entry

Guess what...THEY PICKED THIS ONE. You can see it here on their website.  I checked their website when I was on my break at work.  I literally was jumping up and down (no joke).  Then I called each family member so I could freak out on the phone with them. Char was the gym and Mom didn't pick up.  Luckily Esther was on skype and my dad picked up.  I need to celebrate with someone.  I'm so excited that my hands are literally shaking.  Breath, breath, breath.  Oh. my. goodness.

smashing magazine entry
Here's one for the fam:

We just can't get enough of this little guy and staring at his adorable face all month sounds absolutely perfect.

For me and all the dog lovers out there:

Happy March!
Great things are happening this month and one of them is Cam's second birthday.  Can't wait!


  1. Too many great pictures to chose from! Cam and Charlie win!

  2. Congrat's Gin!! Your backdrop is by far the best one on the Smashing website.

  3. Hey, it's GREAT they picked one of yours!! WOW - and I think that one they picked is really good...very artistic. You have a good eye. And no, I'm not prejudiced just because you're my niece.

  4. Thank you for your works, they're really beautyfull :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliment! And thanks for stopping by! -Virginia