Friday, February 17, 2012


When I listen to a song that I love, there's always that one part that is my favorite.  It could be a few notes or a few lines, but I always have a favorite part within each song.  It's the same for my apartment.  I love the overall look of each room, but there are always a few details that make me especially happy.  They may seem small and insignificant, but I love them.  

This elephant.  This book.  

I bought this elephant at TJ Maxx about a year ago.  It moved around my apartment for several months until it finally found a home on the end table.  I love how playful this little guy looks.  He sits atop this amazing edition of Pride and Prejudice (my favorite book).   I love the combination of the pure white with the colors and design of the book.  This makes me happy.

This pitcher.

This pitcher was a gift from my sister, Esther.  She bought it while on vacation in Spain.  I haven't used it as a pitcher yet because I just don't do dinner parties.  Someday this little baby will be used, but until then it will just have to keep looking awesome in my hutch.

This owl.

This owl is actually one part of a matched set.  They are technically book ends, but they currently reside in different rooms and do no hold up any books.  I love that it looks like an ice sculpture and that it's made out of clear glass.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it could also be used to knock somebody out.  That is one dense owl.

This g.

This little g is also a gift from Esther and is also from her trip abroad last summer.  It's such a simple little thing and I absolutely adore it.

This book.

This is my very first copy of Pride and Prejudice.  I currently own 3 copies, but this is the only one I read.  As you can see, it is well loved.  It's got sand in the pages, dog-eared corners, and many underlined passages.  It's falling apart and the cover is one good read away from crumbling.  I absolutely love it.

These are the little things that I absolutely love to see each day.  I always want the room in general to feel complete and the little details are very important.

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