Friday, February 24, 2012

The Dub-C

Hello West Chester.  Hello gorgeous architecture.  Hello incredible stonework and history.

I graduated from West Chester University in December of 2008.  I spent 4 1/2 wonderful years at that school.  I didn't know how much I missed it until my friend and I went back last weekend.  We needed some quality time with each other and our cameras, so we headed there for a photo shoot.  Not surprisingly, West Chester was dressed to the nines.

I spend many long evenings in the basement of this lovely library.  Ok, that's a lie.  I spent several hours a semester in the basement of this lovely library.  Finals were the only time I was actually there, but I did enjoy my time.  Ok, that's a lie, too.  Moving on...

This is Melissa, Mel, Melonious.  I met Mel freshman year and we have been friends ever since.  We lived together all through college.  Technically, we lived in separate dorm rooms freshman and sophomore year, but we were only yards apart.

Mel: "Hmm, I should hang from this."
Yes, she is like this all the time.  Yes, I love it.  Yes, we had a very good time together.   Yes, I did it, too.  No, I will not show you that photo.  Again, moving on...

Oh Main.  I took Psych 101 here (on the days I showed up) and I attended Cru meetings here every Thursday night.  By the way, I'm not trying to tell you I skipped a lot of classes or that I barely made it through college.  I'm saying that I knew when I needed to attend and when I didn't.  Let's just leave it at that because this girl graduated with honors.

Can I take this door home with me?  Can it live in my apartment?  I'd be find with that.  Really, I would.  No lie, it was really hard to keep a straight face for that picture.

As we worked our way around the Quad, we ended up at the Castle.  It's the building they used in our logo.  It honestly looks like a castle and it's awesome.

Right at the entrance to the Castle there are whispering arches.  I was on the one side whispering into the arch and Mel could hear it on the other side of the entrance.  It's pretty darn fun.

We spent some more time at the Castle before moving on.  For some reason, most of my pictures were of Mel.  Love that girl.

What can I say?  It's fun to take pictures of her taking pictures.

WC has a beautiful campus and the academic Quad is wonderfully cared for.  The students really respect the campus as well - so I definitely did not have to crop the red solo cup out of this picture.

The details are incredible and the typefaces are beautiful.  Mel and I kept saying that we had never noticed all of the little details.  It was nice to go back with a camera and really see the details of each building.

Parking is at a premium on campus.  That is why I waited outside of this building for 5 hours to get a parking pass my sophomore year.  Seriously.  Five hours.  Starting at 3 am.  Or was it 4?  Either way, much too early.

They put this guy in during my junior or senior year.  He's pretty awesome.  

After spending time in the academic Quad, we walked around the rest of the campus while we waited for the school store to open.  We both needed to update our WCU gear.  I walked away with a new bumper sticker (finally!), three shirts, and a hat.  My wallet may not have been very happy, but I sure was.  

Lastly, we stopped at our favorite pizza place, Amore's, for some much needed sustenance.  Their breadsticks are amazing.  I cannot wait to head back to the dub-c when the leaves are on the trees and get some more pictures.  Thanks for the great day, Mel!  

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