Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 9 - Chicken and Pasta Soup

This week I made Slow-Cooker Chicken and Pasta Soup from Real Simple.  It was...umm?   Well, I'll leave my thoughts until later.

Shopping was fast and easy.  The ingredients were simple.  Oh wait, who am I kidding?  I searched for 10 minutes to find a freaking onion!  I was on the phone with Charlotte at the time and it went like this:

Char: "It's across from the carrots on a different wall, by the potatoes."
Me: "I don't see them!"
Char: "Where are you now?"
Me: "I'm by the cucumbers and the romaine lettuce. I don't see it."
Char: "Onions are by the potatoes. Do you see the potatoes?"
Me: "I'm looking at potatoes, but there are not onions.  Now I'm by the carrots."
And on and on and on...

Oh my gosh.  I'm am grocery store illiterate!  Do they have courses for this?  Maybe I should just hire a personal shopper.  I need an intervention people!

Oh, let's not forget that the first crock-pot I bought was broken, so I had to go back to Target that same night.  Guess it's a good thing I live 3 minutes away.

This was truly simple.  I put every into the crock-pot Monday night and turned it on Tuesday morning.

By the time I got home from work Tuesday afternoon it was ready...I think.  Umm, is this what it's supposed to look like?  See, this is the problem.  I make these recipes that I've never tried before and I have nothing to compare it to.  I have no idea if this is a good sign or if this is a total disaster.

I was truly nervous to eat this dinner.  I was so scared that I would take one bite and then want to spit it out.  Then what would I do with 6 servings of soup?

I'm not gonna lie, this wasn't my most favorite meal and I'm definitely not looking forward to eating it for the next 3 days at lunch.  It's hard to say exactly why I don't like it, but part of it could have been that I forgot to add parsley - which I didn't even know I had forgotten until I typed up the recipe just now.  Oops.

Also, I'm not a big fan of soup, so that could have been why I didn't really like this.  Or maybe I messed it up, but I guess I'll never know.  Here's to hoping it's better on the second, third, and fourth day around.

3 shopping trips
1 loooong phone call
0 iPhone searches
9 hours
1 dinner
too many lunches

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  1. Don't give up on the crock pot. I love roast made in the crock pot! I wonder if your soup didn't need more salt and pepper? It's amazing how the right amount of salt can change the flavor of a dish...and too much ruins it!! It looks good!!!