Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 8 - Turkey Caprese Sandwich

For this week's dinner, I chose the Turkey Caprese Sandwich from Martha Stewart.  Actually, my wonderful sister, Charlotte, chose this dinner and it was deliciously perfect.  I had really been in the mood for a good sandwich.

I always choose my dinner dish over the weekend, do my shopping Monday and the cooking on Tuesday.  Last Sunday, I chose a sandwich and then changed my mind at Giant because I wanted a different sandwich.  The second choice was definitely not post worthy.  So I stopped at Giant after work Tuesday to shop for new supplies.

Since I had no idea what to make, I called Charlotte.  She helped me choose an amazing sandwich, told me what to buy, and then sent me the recipe (all while cleaning and taking care of an almost-two year old).

Since I was already on the phone with Charlotte, this part was super fast - except for when I was shopping for the ciabatta roll.  There always seems to be one ingredient that I totally suck at finding.  You must think I am completely grocery store illiterate, but that's not true.

While still on the phone, I searched and searched for a fresh ciabatta roll in the baker section.  I kept telling Char I couldn't find it anywhere.  She kept saying "It has to be there."  Her confidence in me became so low that she started spelling it for me.

"Are you sure it's not there?  It's spelled c-i-a-"
"Char, I know how to spell ciabatta." (Thanks you, Panera)

Guess what, it turns out I was looking for the wrong kind of bread.  When she said roll I heard loaf.  Oops.  I'm sure I walked by it 3 times.

Alright, I admit it.  I'm grocery store illiterate.  Dang it.

So simple, so easy - just how I like it.  I replaced turkey breast with the sliced turkey I already had.  The recipe said to grill the bread and turkey or at least use a grill pan.  I have neither, so I used my newest skill - the broiler.  Yes, I have learned how to use the broiler.  It was life changing, people, life changing.

Using the broiler, I crusted up the bread and melted the cheese onto my sandwich.  After some quick assembly, my sandwich was ready and making me drool a little.  And yes, I'm sure Gordon Ramsay would approve of the term "crusted up."

My one regret was that I only had one slice of cheese on this sandwich.  What was I thinking?  Cheese and I are bffs.  How could I only add one slice?

Other than that - it was fantastic, amazing, wonderful, stupendous, and yummy.  I'll also be having this sandwich for lunch tomorrow and I'm most definitely looking forward to it!

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