Monday, February 6, 2012

Binder Clips Redo

As a teacher, I am constantly organizing paper materials - worksheets, handouts, and lesson plans.  I use binder clips like I use post-its - a lot.  Several months ago, I made myself some cute binder clips with a little glue and paper.  They always seem to wander off, so I decided to make some more.

Cutting out little rectangles is not my idea of a good time, so I had my Silhouette do all the dirty work.  Here are my measurements:

1 1/4 inch binder clip: 1.875' x 1.250'    (1 7/8' x 1 1/4')
3/4 inch binder clip:    1.170' x 0.750'    ( 1 3/16' x 3/4')

It took my silhouette about 3 minutes to cut all these out (including the time it took me to peel them off and switch the paper).  Easy peasy.  When choosing your paper, make sure the pattern is small.  If it's too large it will not look good on the binder clip.

The next step is very simple - coat the back of the paper with mod podge and glue to binder clip.  After I attached the paper to the clip, I always hold it on for about 20 seconds to make sure its really stuck.  If you want, you can take out the metal pieces from the clip, but it shouldn't be necessary.

When you are all done, you'll have a binder clip that adds a little excitement to the monotony of life.  The binder clips I made last June have held up wonderfully.  I use them all the time and there's not a problem in sight.  The paper has stayed firmly attached to the clip.

I can't wait to get these babies to the office.

In other news....
Charlie got groomed last week.  She always looks so funny after getting groomed.  She looks skinny fat again.  I love her skinny fat stage.

I also love how funny her tail looks after being groomed.  Charlotte likes to call it the hot dog tail.  So true.  One of these days I'm gonna wrap a bun around that sucker and then it really will be a hot dog tail.

Have a hot doggin day!


  1. What a great idea. Why don't they just sell clips that look that good? And Charlie - she looks so pretty! I like her scruffy and skinny-fat.