Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Time Fail

Alright, let's talk about my first attempt at a silhouette of my nephew.  I posted my finished silhouette on Tuesday and this is the project that led me to that.

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Geometric shapes have been all over Pinterest and the design world lately.  At first, I wasn't a huge fan, but I have definitely come to love geometric shapes.  But I have always and will always hate Geometry.  When I was choosing colors, I pulled up this photo because I loved the combination of colors.  I tried to pick colors to match this photo.

No bad right?  Yeah, the baby pink you see on top looks nothing like what came out of the bottle and that is pretty much true of every color.   When I look at this color combo, I still really like it, but it turned out to be pretty bad.

I cut my bristol paper, traced Cam's head and then started creating my triangles.  So far it looks just fine.

And then I started painting...

and I kept painting...

and I kept painting...

And then all of a sudden, I hated it.  Really hated it.   Wow, when did the 80's creep into my project?  When did my triangles start to look like shattered glass in a completely horrible way?  This is why the pink did not make it into my final project (that may also be because I don't like pink.  Like, at all.).

Ya know, if I had really wanted to, I think I maybe could have saved this.  Maybe the triangles needed to be bigger.  Maybe it could have worked with a different color combo.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Either way, I'm much happier with my second attempt.

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  1. This is all amazing to me. I do love the finished project.