Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technicolor Dream World

" RadLab simplifies photo effects. Intuitive browsing and a powerful new rendering engine combine to give you easy, unparalleled control. Think in pictures, not numbers. Retouching images just got a whole lot more fun."

That is the description from the website and they are incredibly correct. Rad Lab is a photo editing program from Totally Rad that lets you see your choices before you even apply them.  It's incredible.  It's come with "78 Bitchin Tools" for editing.  

With names like El Capitan Del Cruncho, Fuzzy Navel, Grandma's Tap Shoes, and Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana, Rad Lab adds a little attitude to your editing.

This is the image straight out the of camera, no edits.

This is what I did with the free actions I got from PW.  Photoshop actions are not cheap and PW has made some beautiful actions.  But after using them for so long, I've started to get bored with them.  I want to do more.  

This is what I did with my free trial (free for 30 days baby!) of Rad Lab.  I used +Contrast, EZ-Burn, Flare Up|Faded, and Iron Mouse.  Combining all four stylets gave me this incredible photo.  Not only do I get this amazing photo, but I now have a "recipe" that I love and can save.  

When I edit my photos, I try to use the same editing for every picture in the post so it looks and feels cohesive.  Rad Lab will allow me to save my recipe so that I don't have to go back through and hunt down all four stylets for my next photo.  It's now a saved recipe and it's one click away.

The program opens in Photoshop and could not be any easier.  On the left is your photo and the middle section holds all the editing options.  The far right shows the edits you've chosen and allows you to make adjustments to elements such as strength, intensity, and volume.  

Once you make your choice, just click "finish" and Rad Lab will apply all your changes.  Now, the $150 price tag will really make you stop and think before you click "add to cart" but it sure is worth the money.

With so many amazing options, it's hard to pick a favorite.

My 30 day trial started on Saturday.  If I use this program as much as I think, then I will definitively be purchasing this sucker.  Until then, I'll enjoy my demo and my easy, fun, and totally rad editing.

Head over to Totally Rad and check it out!

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