Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Pain in my Tush

This ottoman has been a pain my backside since I redid my bedroom back in September.  It has a very important function - it allows Charlie to get up on the bed whenever she wants.

Seeing as this is where Charlie spends much of her day, its nice that she can get up and down whenever she wants.

I found this lovely ottoman on sale at HomeGoods for $20.  The first time Charlie jumped onto the bed using this ottoman it fell right over and it almost took her with it!  It was definitely a no go.  But don't worry, it has found a loving home with Kristin.

This gray ottoman from Target is my latest attempt at replacing the old/brown/ugly one.  This one is a bust as well.  On the first try, it fell over.  But! This is my favorite so far and I will not give up so easily.  I plan on ripping off the bottom and weighing it down somehow.  I think maybe I can get my dad to attach some metal to the bottom to make it heavier.

The only reason the brown one doesn't fall over is because it's so heavy.  If I can just get this one to be heavier and sturdier, I know it will work.  If I can't weigh it down then I'm just going to nail it to the floor.

I bet you think I'm kidding.  I'm getting desperate, people.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. Maybe you can cut open the bottom and put two bricks in there! Bricks are one of my favorite fixes for many you can make a shelf by using some boards with bricks separating them, etc. They're cheap!! can ask your dad for some metal. No doubt he'd do it the "right" way compared to me and my brick fixes.

  2. Maybe you could sew a bunch of velcro to the bottom of the ottoman, (the harder scratchy part) and then sew the softer part to the carpet?