Friday, January 20, 2012

My Newest Hobby

Embroidery has become my newest hobby.  It's simple, yet it requires attention to detail.  Those are my favorite kind of projects.  I love to watch the design take shape.  Since I don't have any projects I need to do for myself, I've started doing some for my mom.

My favorite part of each design is choosing the colors.  There is such a wide variety from which to choose, it makes each color choice more exciting.


  1. I tried embroidery for a while and me, being the total non-sewing family member of four girls, I decided it's lots more fun to put the thread on the little cards and see the box full of pretty colors than it is to actually use it! My embroidery career was short!

  2. seeing those reminds me of when I used to make those yarn bracelets in middle school. aahhh...the good ol' days.
    Auntie Karen - I always loved all the colors too!