Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Dad, the Engineer

My dad's birthday is today.  My dad is a technical engineer.  My dad is technical.  My dad is logical and purposeful.  My dad loves sports.  My dad loves his kids.  My dad loves his wife.  My dad loves the Lord.  My dad is awesome.

When I first got a dog, my dad saw no logical purpose in having a dog.  He has never been thrilled with animals since our first pet (a cat named, Tigger) was a complete bust.  Even though he didn't like Charlie at the time, my dad built her a fenced in area - in 99 degree heat - in the middle of the summer.  He actually likes Charlie now.  Just last weekend, he unknowingly shared a bed with the dog - and didn't even care.

My dad taught me how to drive a motorcycle.  He is a patient teacher and very good at giving directions.  Though I'm sure he cringed when I almost toppled the bike onto my foot, he still encouraged me to get back on and try again.

5th from the left, middle row
A soccer champion himself, my dad brought sports into our household.  He shared his passion for soccer with us and coached some of our teams.  My dad rarely missed our games, even though he usually had four kids in sports at the same time.  

2nd from the left, back row
He still continues to be a soccer champion.  You should be jealous of his awesome foot skills.  No joke.  He's good.  This is the only picture I have, but his team continues to kick butt every year.

There's a big section of our back yard that we call the field because, well, it's a field.  When we needed some more space to play, Dad plowed and planted part of that field to give us a soccer field.  He built us goals and sometimes he even put huge flood lights back there so we could play well into the night.

My dad taught me how to be handy.  I have a working knowledge of tools and can confidently use a drill, level, stud finder, and tape measure for my own projects.  He has always taken the time to teach me instead of just doing it himself.  He also taught me how to change a tire - that was one of those times when I wish he would have done it himself.  Changing a tire requires a dad amount of strength and was completely exhausting.

My dad is a very patient man.  When you have three loud-mouth daughters and a feisty wife, you have to put up with a lot.  My dad just laughs as we "yank his chain" and then gives it right back to us.  We like to make fun of his idiosyncrasies; like his passion for his flashlight or the 13 coats he owns.  Last week he sent out an APB for a flashlight that had gone missing.  You are free to borrow it whenever you like, but just make sure to put it back exactly where you found it.  Like that time he called me at a friends house because he couldn't find the TV remote.

Cameron loves my dad.  He can't quite say grandpa yet, so it comes out more like "Kapa."  He loves spending time with Dad, especially when they take tractor rides.  Whenever Cam sees Dad he says "Kapa.  Tractor. Kapa. Tractor." in his deep, growly voice.  Char, Cam, and I picked out this shirt for Dad at TJ Maxx earlier that day and every time Cam saw the shirt he said "Kapa" while looking for Dad.

He even had to hold the shirt up just like Dad.   Cam loves his grandpa.

My mom made Dad this quilt for this birthday to use when he is in the recliner.  Obviously, he loved it.

In short, my dad is awesome.  Then end.

This picture says it all. Happy Birthday Dad!

Ginnapa Pinnapa


  1. Your dad has lots of special qualities and I knew soon as my baby sister started dating him she had found a keeper! One of the most special qualities your dad has, and my own husband has also, is that he's kind. Proverbs 19:22a is a verse I had on a poster in my college dorm room "What is desirable in a man is his kindness..." (NASV). Men like your dad are worth waiting for!

  2. Happy birthday dad! Nice post, Gin.

  3. Ginner, or should I say Ginnapa Pinnapa (Mom couldn't remember me calling you that but I do), what a nice post. Thank you - you remembered things I had forgotten. I can even forgive you for posting all those old pictures. God certainly has blessed me with Mom, Esther, you, Char, Frank, and Camo. My favorite picture is the last one. Mom says everyone else is smiling and I'm serious but if you look closely you will see that I'm smiling too.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I can see your smile in the last picture :) That's why it's perfect! Love you and Happy Birthday!

  4. I agree with everything Ginner said. You are great Dad! My favorite is the pic of us getting a tractor ride and the one of Cam holding the shirt up like you did. I can't wait till he starts wearing socks with his sandals ;)

    PS - Mom, I love the quilt!