Friday, January 13, 2012

I've Made a Huge Mistake

To quote Gob, "I've made a huge mistake."  I wrote earlier about choosing my paint color for the dining room and how I used the ColorClix website.  Wow.  Not even close. 

This is what the color looked like on their website.  So when I went to the store I knew exactly what I wanted.  I looked at the paint chip and was happy with the color - not too dark, not too light.

HA! Was I ever wrong.

I could understand it if was a little bit off - but in this case, the color wasn't even close.  If you've ever painted an entire room a color you hate, you understand what I went through that night as we painted; optimism, despair, denial, reasoning, despair, realization, depression, the end.  I even hung up one of my pictures to see if I would like the color when my frames were up.  

Even Charlie's adorable little face couldn't save this color.  IT'S BLUE.  It's not even close to gray.  Not even close.  I held the paint chip up to check and the colors matched perfectly.  I don't know why I ever choose a color from the bottom of the paint chip.  It never works out for me.  

Luckily, I had this wonderful lady helping me with the painting.  Mel was awesome and she is a very fast painter.  When I was becoming depressed about the color, she kept me optimistic and cheerful.  

After Mel left for the night, I headed back to Lowes to get a new color.  I went with the same color I had in the bedroom - I wasn't taking any chances this time.

It may be hard to tell in this picture, but the two colors do not match at all.  The blue from the living room does not match the gray blue in the dining room.   Honestly, the color is not terrible.  The reason I didn't like it was that it didn't fit my vision for my dining room.  If this had been another room I may have left it alone.  

After my late night trip to Lowe's, I did the cutting in and then finished the rest the next day.  I love how it looks now.  This is exactly what I wanted in my dining room.  

I have two more items to check off my list:
-framed napkins (lets hope that one turns out more incredible than it sounds)
-new table and chairs

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Glass Lamp Base - Turquoise (Large).Opens in a new window
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Also, I might have to splurge on this lamp.  It looks much more teal in person and its totally fabulous.  It's more than I would normally spend on a lamp, but it was love at first sight.  I take my relationship with my home furnishings very seriously and I know this lady would be happy to live in my home.   My only concern is the height - with the added height of a shade, will it be too tall?

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Glass Lamp Base - Large.Opens in a new window
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I'm also pretty obsessed with this little guy.  He's a little short and squat, but I love the clear glass and large base.  Any suggestions?


  1. Do you suppose the person mixed your first paint using the wrong formula? That was too weird. But the final outcome looks great. I hate painting so much I can't imagine having to do it twice! But it was worth doing it right!

  2. you are the only person i would ever paint an entire room in a color you hate with :) did that make sense? ha!

  3. i JUST did this. i choose a medium gray blue which i loved on the wall as a test. but was so stunned when i didn't love it. the room was so gloomy & all my furniture looked drab & dark. i felt panicky & drowning in the room. NOT at all what i thought. so after painting (by myself) the hated color 2x already i had to go back and prime 2 coats then paint the new color 2x again all by myself. this is our bedroom which is big room with all angled walls & little areas no roller can get to. ugh. it was sooooo awful. i really had moments where i thought maybe this is how nervous breakdowns start. well at least it's lighter & i can breathe in the room again. i did keep the bathroom in the grey blue color & believe it or not it all works.

    NEVER want to go through that again though.

    but success. i