Friday, January 6, 2012

Dining Room Update

The dining room has been my latest project.  I'm sick of the state it's in so I've been moving forward with my reno plan.

Step 1: New sidetable

I recently bought this side table from Ikea and I love how it looks.  It's a wonderful replacement for the old/cheap/flimsy bookshelf that was there before. The white bookshelf was definitely not big enough for this space.  Plus, I was able to combine two bookshelves into one!  King me!

Pinned Image
In my dreams, my bookshelf looks this awesome.  Then I remember that my bookshelf has to be practical and functional, my books aren't pretty, and the things I love don't match.  So I guess I'll just have to get over it.  Also, I tried to find a link for this photo, but Tumblr told me I don't have access to the page.  See people, this is why you don't Pin from Tumblr.

Last time I posted about the dining room, I told you that I planned on getting rid of the table and chairs in favor of a more "me" set.  The good news is that I'm halfway there!  The bad news is that I'm halfway there. My aunt recently took the table back to my grandma (who generously gave me the set in the first place).  The chairs will soon follow the table home.

I could care less about not having a dining room table - this is something I can slowly replace.  But it does make me wish that it was thrifting season.  I really would love to find something I can fix up and make my own.

Step 2: Paint
When I painted the living room I told myself that would be the only room I'd paint.  Then when I painted the bedroom I told myself that would be the last room.  Now I'll be painting the dining room.  This is why I don't make New Year's resolutions - I can't stick to my own decisions.  At this point, I've painted two other rooms, what's one more?

I played around on Olympic's ColorClix website and found some colors I really love.  If you check out the site, be patient because it takes awhile to load.  It's worth the wait.

This sample room is actually very similar to what I have in mind for my dining room.  Anywhere you see a dot is where you can change the paint color.  I started out with the trim and ceiling white - wrong!  Not in this place, nothing is white!  The website has popular trim and ceiling colors to choose from.  I chose the one that looked most like what's in my place.  I know, I know, it looks white - but it's far from it.  I'm glad I did change the trim/ceiling color because it made me rethink some paint choices.

Now, don't freak out about this teal - this is a dream color.  I would love to be able to paint my rooms in bold colors, but I eventually have to paint over all of this.  But it looks nice, right?  Also, a deep teal would clash with the blue in the living room.  So, unfortunately, Caribbean Splash is out.

Here's another color that I love.  It's called Volcanic Ash, which doesn't really sound as nice as it looks.  I love the deep gray, but (once again) I will someday have to paint over this.  Seriously, I need to stop renting.  I am getting very frustrated by renter rules.  Why can't they just ask the next person if they like the paint?  Then if they liked it I wouldn't have to paint it myself pay my apartment complex to paint it.

Say hello to Flagston D58-3.  I'm in love; light, airy, cool, crisp.  It's perfect.  Now, let's just hope that when I get the sample on the walls I'm still in love.  Either way, it was fun playing with the ColorClix and getting to take a look at what my dining room might look like.

This paint color should look really nice with my white frames and dark furniture.  Hmm...this might just need to be my weekend project.

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  1. i love the dining furniture shown above.. it is cute and does not look bulky...