Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 5: Creamy Pan Sauce

Scouring the internet has become my Sunday night routine.  I search and search until I find a recipe that 1) I will like and 2) will work for packed lunches.  If I can't eat the leftovers for lunch, it's not even worth making dinner.  This week the lucky winner was Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce from

Strangely enough, I only had to shop for three items.  Though, the list did became longer when I called my sister.  I asked her what I should eat with the chicken and she suggested broccoli slaw.  I added the items I would need for the dressing to my list and then got off the phone because I only had 3% battery.  If I needed to make one last phone call, I knew that 3% would be very important.  Lucky for me, I didn't need it because my phone died about 2 minutes after hanging up.

Of all the ingredients I was looking for, chicken broth proved to be the most illusive.  I knew I was in the general vicinity, but could not find that little sucker.  It was one of those time when I just wanted to shout "marco!" in hopes that the broth would yell "polo!" and we'd be good to go.  Thankfully, Giant has these awesome little computer that tell you where you are and where you need to go.  I was so close!

Aside from my bag of broccoli slaw soaking the rest of my purchases, shopping went great!

I started with the broccoli slaw, which required a simple dressing recipe and dumping the slaw in the bowl.  Super simple and easy - just my style.  After placing that in the fridge, I got to work on my chicken.

I'm about to confess something that I am not very proud of.  I do not know how to cook chicken on the stove top.  Until tonight, I have always boiled my chicken.  Boiled chicken is very good, but stove top chicken is great.  That was my biggest obstacle was the thickness of the chicken.  By the time they were done the oil had gotten so hot it was flying out of the pan!

While the chicken was finishing up, I got the rest of my ingredients ready and then - wait for it, wait for it - loaded the dishwasher!  By the time the chicken and sauce were ready, the dishwasher was as well!  I put the chicken in my readied lunch containers, loaded up the last few dishes, and enjoyed my meal knowing I wouldn't need to go back into the kitchen.  Sigh, it was amazing.

As a teacher, I have a very tight schedule that never changes.  I can't stop to grab lunch whenever I want or go to the bathroom when I feel the need; my 10:30 lunch is set in stone.  My family likes to make fun of me because I could get the early bird special.  When I get home at 3:45, I start to make dinner right away.   We had Sports Club today, so I didn't get home until 4:55.  I was starving.

When I finally sat down to each my delicious dinner, I could barely finish.  I had snacked on the tomatoes and broccoli slaw while making dinner.  I couldn't help it!  Tomatoes are my weakness and I was starving!  I'm glad I had a little broccoli slaw before dinner, because I forgot to eat it with dinner!  Oh, and I guess I should have mentioned that I forgot to get parsley, but whatever.

1 shopping trip (hooray!)
1 phone call
0 iPhone searches
50 minutes
1 dinner
3 lunches

ps.  Is anyone else surprised that I haven't totally failed yet?

Update: Day 4, Spring Risotto 
By the time I ate that third packed lunch, I had to pick out every single piece of asparagus.  I have realized that, while I do love asparagus, I don't love it every day.  I think I'll save that recipe for just dinner.  On a positive note, it tasted just as good reheated as it did the first time.


  1. Congratulations on your 5th day of success!!! For more recipes, try - a blog, a list of ingredients, and a video how-to. Chef John breaks down cooking into understandable terms. Cheers!

  2. I'm back!!!! Was great to be in your really cute apartment and see in person all of the really neat stuff you've made, Ginner. You know I got the flu within a few hours of arriving home last week so hence my lack of comments. This chicken dinner looks really good! I LOVE leftovers for many reasons... namely I don't have to cook anything for meal #2+ but just reheat. Tip: Before you say "I Do", make sure he'll eat leftovers! A few friends have husbands who won't but it's a deal-breaker in my book!