Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Philly, The 2nd

Last year, we started a new tradition.  We went to Philly before Christmas to shop, see the light show in Macy's, and eat some good food.  Instead of going before Christmas this year, we had to go after because we couldn't fit it in before.  It worked out so great to go after Christmas that we are never, ever, ever going before Christmas again.  Fewer crowds equals greater fun.

On our way into Philly, we took a pit stop at the Art Museum to take Cameron up the steps for his first time.    Each time we got out of the car, Cameron had to suit up for the weather.  The side of the car became his dressing area.

See that little toy in Cam's hand?  That is a Thomas train.  The train's name is Kevin, but Cammy calls him Hook.  Cam carried Hook all day and we didn't even lose him.  I am still astonished that we made it through all of Philly without losing Hook; I guess we can attribute that to Cam's death grip on that toy.

Charlotte liked that weird orange statue, so I made her pose with it.  She protested at first, then she embraced her inner statue and let loose!

Those of you from around Philly know that those steps are famous.  Rocky ran up those steps in the movie and there is even a statue of him by the museum.  You can't come to Philly without running those steps!  Cam went up every single step.

But he did stop a lot for breaks.  You can't blame him - there are tons of cool things to look at and his little legs get tired quickly.

Once we got to the top, we did the Rocky dance and then let Cam run around.  He loved it so much that when we were leaving he kept turning around to go back.

Frame worthy?  Yup.  Too bad he isn't looking at the camera, but I still like it.

This was our one and only attempt at a group shot.  Can you believe we got it on the first try?  Go us!  Another frame worthy photo.  I think I need to go get some photos developed.

On our way to Macy's, we stopped at one of the windows to take this photo.   We took one last year, so we had to take one this year.

Quite the difference.  Cam is practically popping out of that snuggie now.

After the Art Museum, we headed to Macy's to see the light show.  He kept looking at the people around him, pointing to the tree, and saying "light" just to make sure everyone was paying attention.

The show is only 10 minutes long (and with a little help from a cracker) Cam made it through about 7 minutes without getting up.  Once the trains were gone, so was his interest.

After Macy's we headed to the Reading Terminal Market to get lunch and that is where this photoshoot happened.  Last year we had the most amazing cheesesteaks from George's (don't walk, run to George's).  We knew they could never be as good as last year, so we opted for something new.  Esther had a delicious gyro and Charlotte had a tasty mango salad.  I had the biggest, most amazing hot dog I've ever tasted.  So good.

The word of the day was Philly, though when Cam was the one saying it, it came out more like "pheeyee."  Instead of saying cheese, I told Cam to say Philly.  It worked!  Look at that big smile.

While Charlotte was hitting up a bakery for some tasty treats, we took Cam to the train set.  To say he loved it would be an understatement.  He adored it.

Even though he looks super bored in this photo, he was really having fun.  I promise.  Though this may have been about the time when he started repeating Mama over and over.  He can last about 10 minutes before he starts looking for Char.

See, he loved it.

After Macy's we headed back into the world's smallest elevator to get to the car.  We drove over to West Elm and Anthropology to do some shopping.  Seriously, it was small.  We barely fit in it together.  Creepy.

Anthropology was the last stop and by the time we got there Cam was ready for his nap.  But notice, no matter how tired he is, he will not let go of Hook.

We had a great day in Philly (even though it rained on us a little) and I can't wait to go back next year!

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