Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Antro Inspiration, Episode 3

Anthropologie is always full of DIY inspiration and our latest trip was no exception.  I'll keep my comments short and sweet because the pictures say it all.

This garlands look so simple that I'm tempted to make it for myself.  

It's amazing what you can do with ornaments.  I don't know who had the patience and skill to put this together, but I would just like to say "Thank you."  It is so cool.

These little circles are made from something that feels like thick plastic wrap, but I still haven't quite figured out what it is.  What's awesome is that this looks even better from the outside. 

All I know about this one is that they used a styrofoam ball, but I have no idea what is sticking out of it.  Who cares. It's awesome.

Oh Hey, that's my fam!  The elevator at Anthropologie is a very strange thing.  I'm pretty sure it has a mind of it's own.  Oh well, at least it's decorated well and has a place to sit!

Um, talk about awesome window decorations!  I noticed this from outside before I even got into the store.  This is definitely my favorite DIY idea of the day.  I would totally do this in my own place - except for the fact that I would actually have to wash the windows.  Not gonna happen, folks.  Me + wash = no no no.

This is one of those times when I can't decide if I actually like it or am just impressed with the amount of work that probably went into it.  It's made out of straws.  There were so many straws that I couldn't figure out what they were sticking into.  

Hmm...yeah, I don't like it.  Ok, let's just say I wouldn't want a straw blob monster living in my fire place.  But hats off to you, Anthropologie worker, for sticking it out and sticking in every straw.

So this is neither Anthro or DIY.  This West Elm chandelier is more of a I-need-to-own-it-you-need-to-see-it item.  I love, love, love it and you needed to see the awesomeness that is this chandelier.

This little guy is just perfect.  I should have bought him from West Elm when I had the chance.  I'm not sure why I didn't.  I really do love it and he would have looked awesome on my new bookshelf.  Next time!

My sister has informed me that there is a West Elm store a mere 58 minutes from me, so maybe I'll just go get it.  Yes, I am that obsessed with West Elm that I would drive an hour just to shop.  Don't be embarrassed, you know you feel the same way.  It's completely natural.


  1. Don't forget that there is also an Anthro in the same mall. That sounds like a pretty awesome day trip to me!

  2. I just found out that I live 20 mins from an Anthro....all this time and I basically drive past it every day!