Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girls Night Out

We had a girls night out on Friday before the hurricane hit..  These are my high school girls, the girls I've known since 7th grade soccer.  The girls I've stayed close with through high school drama, college, and careers.  We may not get to see each other as often as we'd like, but whenever we get together it always feels like I just saw them yesterday.  Things just fall into place.

First picture of the night, a little out of focus, but good nonetheless.  That's Kristin on the left.  Every time my mom sees a picture of Kristin she laughs and says, "Does she ever take a normal photo?"  The answer is...

only if you make her.

We were making fun of the dainty way that Kristin was holding the camera, but I guess the jokes on us.

We have a good time.  We sit down, eat chips and salse, talk, talk, laugh, talk, and laugh some more.  This is Katie, she would hate that I'm posting this picture, but it's awesome and I love it.

See, we laugh.  Laugh so hard it gives us double chins.  Oy.  That's alright, if I'm going to post that picture of Katie I can at least post my double chin.

This is Teen (Christine).  Hi Teen.  Now this girl knows how to laugh.  She has one of those awesome laughs that makes you do the silent laugh - the one where you don't breath for like 10 seconds.

Ah, I love these girls.  Good times.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Survived

Irene rocked the east coast this past weekend and my hometown was no exception.  Luckily, the worst thing we had to deal with was not being able to flush the toilet because we had no power.  TMI?  Maybe, but get over it.

Wow!  Who's hot car is that?  Oh, ha, mine.  Hey Steve!  Yes, I named my car Steve.  We are in love and we will live happily ever after.

The best part of the hurricane was that this little family decided to get rained in with us since Dad has a generator and they figured they would lose power.

My dad made this bridge for Zack when he was little and now Camo puts it to good a seat.  He also hasn't quite figured out that it's not really for feet.

But that's what dads are for; they show you how bridges work.  They also tell you that feet don't belong on awesome, cool, homemade bridges.

I remember creating traffic on this bridge with Zack.  We would line all of our favorite cars and trucks on the bridge until it was completely full.  Then we would slowly drive them off the bridge.  Now, as a driver, I cannot even fathom why we thought creating traffic was fun.

Ah! I spy my duvet fabric!  Hello gorgeous, you and I will soon be united in comfy, warm goodness.  I cannot wait.

Back to the hurricane.  I am so thankful for men.  Dad and Frank stayed up for about 3 hours in the wee hours of the early morning while the sump pump flushed out the excess water in the basement.  When the electricity goes off the sump pump cannot do its job, so Frank and Dad helped it along.

During all this action, I was sleeping in my bedroom, completely unaware of what was going on...until I heard a chainsaw.  I heard a chainsaw and two people yelling back and forth.  For about 30 seconds I actually thought a tree had fallen on the house and someone was cutting it to rescue us.  I was so distracted that I put all my clothes on inside out and I didn't even know it until Char pointed it out later.  That chainsaw sound is yet to be explained, but I did find out that the two people yelling were Dad and Frank.  Phew!

This is Cam's I-just-survived-my-first-hurricane face.  I think it's a pretty cute face.

Monday, August 29, 2011

For Katie

To all of you coming over from Pinterest:
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I can't believe the how popular this little post has become.  If you decide to try this project, please send me a link so I can check it out!  I would love to see your ideas!   Also, there's a misconception going around Pinterest that you can use glue for this project.  Several people have told me that glue does not work.  Just thought I'd let you know ahead of time!  Thanks again!  

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Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

When my best friend got a new apartment in Philly, I decided to make her something special.  I wanted to experiment some more with puffy paint, but I didn't want white on white.

Sorry this is a little dark, it was 10 pm when I took these photos.  Anyway...

I started this project by painting the canvas purple.  I love getting the sample size from Lowe's because it gives me the opportunity to pick the exact color I want.

You may be wondering why the carpet cleaner is in this photo.  No, Charlie did not have an accident.  While the paint was still drying I dropped the canvas, paint-side down, onto the carpet.   Luckily, with a lot of elbow grease and a little carpet cleaner, you can't even see it....I think.

The next step was choosing my font.  I wanted something scripty, but it had to work with puffy paint (i.e. simple and thin).

I taped the paper down to the desk and then laid the wax paper over top.  Even though many of the letters are connected, I traced everything individually, except the double f.   This project took me a lot longer than my last two; those big loops in the letters gave me a run for my money.

After coming up with at least one nice version of every letter, I let the puffy paint to dry over night.  When the puffy paint and canvas were dry, I laid the letters onto the canvas to check my placement.  After I got the layout right, I picked up one letter at a time, put mod podge on the back, and started gluing everything down.

You may be wondering why I chose this phrase.  It's a line from the song Party Rock, by LMFAO.  It's a fun, upbeat song that'll keep you dancing.  The last time I hung out with Katie she sang this line once every 30 seconds, so now it will forever remind me of her.

I chose this font because I wanted something a little more traditional to go with Katie's decor.

The last step was to wrap it all up and wait to give it to her.  I used my Silhouette to cut out the tag and letters, then I wrapped twine around and around until I got the look I wanted.

The good news is that...she likes it!  I'm so glad she likes it, but I'm mostly just glad to get it out of my apartment!  That song has been stuck in my head since I started this project 3 weeks ago!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Excuse the Mess

Say hello to my boring, eclectic (but not in a good way), and WHITE bedroom.  This is my next project.  So much to do and so little money.  I'm always on a budget, but it will be hard to stay within that budget in this room. 

I've already decided to paint the walls light gray.  I hadn't orignially planned to paint this room, but since I'm looking at another year here, I thought I might as well go for it.

This is my inspiration for the room.  The color doesn't look amazing in this because it's not a picture of the actual fabic, its an illustration, but you get the idea.  My colors for the room will be based off this fabric: gray, white, blue, and yellow.  You can see an actual picture of the fabric here; it's fourth from the bottom.

If I had my way, my bedroom would look like this; but seeing as I am not a small child, I'll have to settle for something a little more grown up.

Here are my plans: 
-new duvet cover using the fabric above
-get a bedskirt
-get a nightstand (or wall shelf)
-get an actual bed frame and finally become a grown up
-new ottoman or update ottoman(I would get rid of this, but charlie needs it to get onto the bed)
-new bedside lamp 
-get rid of standing lamp
-chandelier above bed (I would say this is number one on the to-do list, but it will probably never happen)

-Paint corner shelf (yellow on the outside, white on the inside)
-get new fabric to cover Charlie's crate
-new knobs for dresser (something with more substance and presence) 

-Take out trash (an easy fix, but I hate this chore)
-more artwork for over desk
-paint sconces? (my dad made these, so I may not be allowed to paint them, but I'm definitely not getting rid of them)
-new lampshade (it's too dark)
-clean up cords under desk
-new window curtains (yellow or blue)

-new bookcase or paint it...or ditch it
-ditch the door... this is not really a possibility, but I would still like to (I wish I could get rid of all the doors in my apt. I never close them)

Well, what do you think?  Not too bad right? Painting will change the feel of the entire room and then it will be downhill from there.  I can't wait until it's finished.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Constant Companion

Charlie loves food.  She once sat next to the fridge for over an hour waiting for me to get that one cheerio that was out of her reach.

She's my constant companion when there is food in my hand.

But as soon as the food is gone, she once again thinks of me only as "the person that shares the couch."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi, My Name is Ginner...

and I have a problem.  I like bowls, lots of bowls.  Each one has a specific function, which means I can't get rid of any of them.  Nope.  I'm keeping them all.

I bought the bowl on the left because we always had them growing up and I can't live without them.  Plus, they are perfect M&M bowls.  I bought the bowl on the right from amazon because I thought it was much smaller, oops.  Too bad, not getting rid of it, love it's tiny cuteness.

The bowl on the left is perfect for yogurt and I love it.  I bought the bowl on the right for a candy dish.  Then I discovered that the dog can reach the candy dish and I needed something with a little more height.  I've moved on, but I'm keeping it anyway; mostly because I like the ridge on the top edge.

I bought this bowl because, at the time, I didn't have any bowls that could go into the microwave.  It's perfect for cereal and ice cream.

I bought this bowl from Anthropologie because it's awesome.  Ice cream tastes wonderful when you eat it out of this bowl.  It's mah fav.

I got this bowl with a cheap set of dishes that I've recently trashed, but I kept the bowls.  They are too deep to comfortably eat cereal, but it's perfect for my edamame, which I eat while I'm making dinner.

Now, this wouldn't be that weird, except for the fact that I don't just own one of each.  There is a total 31 bowls in my cabinets, and that doesn't even count the bowls I don't use that often.

Hi, my name is Ginner and I have a problem.  I like bowls, lots of bowls.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Charlie Girl

Umm...have you been outside?  Its AMAZING!   Charlie loves sitting by the window and enjoying the breeze.  I enjoy getting to air out this very stuffy apartment.

Uh oh, she's spotted me...and she looks hungry.  

Tractor Fun

In case you don't know this little guy, he's a lover of all things with engines.  Anything that goes "vroom vroom" is on his this-is-totally-awesome-i-want-to-touch-the-wheels list.  The "tactor" is no exception.

He even gets to drive!  All you have to do is give him the key and say "Go give this to Grandpa."

Cam loves it, but I don't think he loves it as much as Grandpa.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yard Saling

Hello Baby.  I guess at some point in your life I'm going to have to stop calling you "baby."  But that time is not now.

Lots of things are happening and all of these things involve purging, so we purged.  We purged closets, bedrooms, basements, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.  Believe it or not, all that junk came from 3 houses and 1 apartment.  You're probably thinking that's not a lot of stuff, but I assure you, those tables are filled to the max.

Say hello to the Esther, a.k.a. The Boss.  I had stayed at Char's house to babysit the baby while Char and Frank went to a concert, since they got back late I just stayed the night.  Esther texted me at 4:50 am to let her into the house.  4:50 am.  Seriously?  Have you ever met me at 4:50 am?  For your sake, I sure hope not.  I actually contemplated not letting her in.

I got Camo this shirt a few weeks ago because I know how much he loves Buzz and Woody (even though he has never seen the movie).  It's a little big for him, but he enjoys pointing out his favorite characters.

We had so much stuff leftover (even after making $400) we filled the van to the very top and filled Esther's car too.  Before we could start loading we had to get this cat out of the car.  He was very friendly, but we did not want to keep him.

Since we had so much stuff leftover, Esther made us have another yard sale at Mom and Dad's house a week later.  To get back at her, we made her wear this moo-moo.  Ok, so she volunteered, but she still looks funny.  Cat, on the other hand, totally pulls off this African moo-moo look.  Though I'm pretty sure it's on inside out.

It was a long, long process, but it was fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Break Time

This picture of Cameron really sums up my life right now...exhausting.  It's been a very busy few weeks.  So...I'm taking this week off blogging.

School started last Wednesday and the kids will be starting this week.  I'm spending my days at school and my evenings getting ready for school.  Usually, when I tell myself to take a break from writing, I come up with a million and one ideas.  I'm hoping that's exactly what happens this week.  I've got some projects that I want to start and some photos that need editing.

I'll be back on Monday, August 22, which just so happens to be the same day Charlie gets her heart guard.  Don't worry, I won't be writing a post about the pooch taking her meds, it's just not that interesting...but I wouldn't put it past me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Smashing Magazine

On the first day of every month, Smashing Magazine posts free desktop wallpapers in every shape and size.  The picture you see above is my current background.  I love that it comes with a calendar.  You also have the option of downloading the wallpaper without the calendar.

I always look forward to the day the new wallpapers will be posted.  I'm a little behind this month because my previous wallpaper was a slideshow of Camo, so I wasn't eager to change that.

I love that there is such wide variety of wallpapers to choose from each month.  This one is my all time fave.  Or, if this isn't up your alley....

You can get something a little sillier...or sadder? I'm not sure what exactly is happening in this wallpaper, but I love it.

This is another one of my favorites.  I have no idea who this company is or what they do, but I love the design of this wallpaper.

Head over to Smashing Magazine and find your own fun wallpaper!