Friday, December 2, 2011

A Touch of Home

As you may know, my sister is currently living on another continent.  She won't be home until right before Christmas, so I wanted to send her some decorations.

My mom made a stocking for each member of our family many years ago.  When my nephew joined the family, she made new stockings.   Since Esther's old stocking was just sitting around, I figured it would be nice to send it to her.  It would be just plain rude to send it to her empty so....

I made one ornament to represent each member of the family that Esther left behind in PA.  I did the embroidery and Mom put it all together (we are a package deal when it comes to projects).  I'd make you guess which ornament belongs to each person, but I think it would be too hard.  I'll start with me.

This is mine.  I LOVE cheese.  I love it so much I'd marry it...if it was tall with brown hair and a major sternocleidomastoid.  It's a real thing, I promise.

Allow my favorite burned spy and me to educate you.  It's the muscle that comes up from the sternum and medial (middle) end of the clavicle and attaches to the skull.  It has many jobs, but it's main function is to add hotness to men.  Yup, that's the scientific answer to that question, for sure.

Wow, how quickly I digress.  Anyway...

This is my mom's ornament.  We like to call her Sugar Mama.  We pretty much only use that nickname in a statement such as this, "Sugar Mama strikes again!"   Like when Mom stopped at a random place on the side of the road and bought Camo this awesome tractor.

These apples represent my dad.  He's an apple guy.  It would have been more accurate if I had put this ornament in a brown paper bag...and then put the brown paper bag in the center console of Dad's car.  Unfortunately, they are of no use to Esther if they are in Dad's car.

This bike represents my brother-in-law, Frank.  He's really into bikes, mostly of the mountain bike variety.  I didn't think a mountain bike would be a very nice ornament, so I hit up the 1920's for some inspiration.

These little mushrooms represent Charlotte.  She has a thing for mushrooms, as decor or food.   Anytime I see a mushroom I think of Char.

This train represents Camo.  He's recently fallen in love with trains.  I'm starting to wonder if his love of trains will surpass his love of motorcycles and cars; something that I did not think was possible.

Last but not least, Charlie Girl.  Her's is pretty self explanatory .

Esther said "I hung them all over my apartment so now it feels like Christmas."  Here are the pictures of the ornaments around her apartment.

I'm glad you liked them Est!  Now hurry up and come home already!

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  1. Such a clever girl you are! Glad Esther is going to be home soon!