Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Special Visitor

Mom is Charlie's second favorite person (I'm number one, of course) and Charlie is always very excited to see Mom.  She freaks out, so we decided to video tape it.  Serioulsy, Charlie does not freak out like this for anyone else and she only freaks out like this when Mom come to my apartment.

Charlie is always very excited to see Mom and I am always very excited to see Cameron!  I had no idea that Char and Cameron were going to be coming on this visit, so I was very happy to see them!  There's a lot of anticipation in this video because it took Mom longer to get out of the car than I thought, so Charlie has to wait.  You can see her excitement dim as she looks and sees no one.

I just played this video as I am writing this post and I could hear Charlie freaking out in the living room.  "Who's here?" is a magic phrase that cannot be taken lightly.  She heard me say it on the video and I could hear her sticking her nose through the blinds in the living room to find out if someone was coming.

Cam made sure to keep up with all his emails and text messages during the visit.  He is a very popular kid.

He discovered that he fits nicely on my step stool.  It makes a perfect desk for answering all those pesky emails and updating your facebook status.  His status that day would have read "Charlie.  Truck.  Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.  Truck.  Diesel.  Thomas.  Charlie."

Visitors really wear out this pooch.  She gets so excited to have them around and then when they leave she crashes and sleeps for four hours straight.

Charlie loves when Mom visits, but she doesn't like when Cam gets all her attention.  She gets very jealous.  Plus, Cam loves Charlie and is constantly touching her - something else Charlie is not a fan of.

Cam is in a pointing stage.  He finds something and then has to show you, so he says your name and points.  Today he got a bunch of Charlie's stuff out.  When Charlie gave the toys no attention, he pointed and said "Charlie!"  He was basically saying "Hey, I got all this stuff out for you.  Come look! Come look now!"

And then we gave him chocolate, or as he likes to call it "chockey."  Mom was brave enough to hold him while he ate his chockey covered pretzel.  I'll tell you what, I don't think I'll ever be that brave.  I don't think Mom got any on her, but she was lucky this time.

It was so nice to have Mom, Char, and Cam stop in for a visit.  Just another reason why I need to be close to home.


  1. I get excited when your mom comes to see me too but Charlie wins that one!!!

  2. I have watched that video 3 times already haha.