Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Shopping Trip Test Drive

Being so close to one of my best friends is something that hasn't happened since high school (8 years ago).  My friend Kristin and I are a mere 45 minutes apart.  That is nothing compared to the 3 hours it used to be in college.  It gives us the opportunity to spontaneously see each other.  On Friday night, we decided to go shopping Saturday afternoon.

We walked around the city, window shopped, stopped in a few boutiques, and ate delicious crepes.  This gave me the opportunity to take Jane out for a test drive.

How cool are those...um...light ball things.  Whatever they are called they are awesome and I want to own them.  Why are they not for sale?

This was another nice light fixture.  I love the contrast between the dark lines and light triangles.  It's awesome.  I really need a house to decorate so I can actually buy cool stuff like this.

Kristin always makes sure to have a candle to light her way.

As far as the camera goes, I'm definitely still working out the kinks.  I need to spend more time with it because it takes me a while to fix what I want to fix.  I'm still finding my way around.  Luckly, I'm getting lots of practice.  I met my sisters on Sunday for some Christmas shopping and they took turns playing with it.

Esther took this picture with the screen flipped out and facing toward her.  It's a pretty awesome feature and Esther was in awe.

This is me saying "Are you taking a picture of me?"  This is definitely a frame worthy photo.

Oh, did you know it "snowed" last night?  If you blinked you missed it, but the snow was there.

We took the opportunity to pose with the giant tree in front of the mall.

I think this one should definitely be in the family Christmas card.

Merry Christmas!  Only 2 more days of school!  Today doesn't count because it has already started.  Getting out of bed and getting to school is the most difficult part of the day, so once that is over its all down hill from there.

I can't wait to give Jane some good use this Christmas.  My memory card can store 2,000 photos - so Camo better get his game face on.  It's all about the baby.

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  1. Sister-outings are fun and very special! Friends for life!!!