Monday, December 5, 2011

2nd Annual White Christmas Party

White Christmas is our favorite Christmas movie and we always look forward to watching it.  Since none of us kids live at home anymore, the first time we've watched it the past few Christmas seasons, we have been on our own.  I'll tell you what, watching White Christmas by yourself just isn't as fun.  So last year, I decided to change all that.  We had our first White Christmas party and it was a great success.

This year, things were a little different.  1. Esther wasn't here and 2. Charlotte had just gotten her wisdom teeth out.  There was not gorgeous spread of food this year, but the movie was still amazing.  I actually don't have any pictures of the festivities (Who wants to see pictures of us watching a movie?  Not me.), but I have plenty of pictures of Cameron enjoying Christmas.

Cam is much older this year, but we stuck to the tradition of waiting to watch the movie until this little boy took his nap.

Can't take a nap without some food first.  Cam has recently started feeding himself and it is quite a sight to see. 

Mom's tree needed to be decorated, so we set about the task in the morning.  Cam loves the tree and he especially loves the train ornament that makes noise and moves.  I love seeing him get excited about the lights on the tree.

Charlie was less than thrilled with the whole process.  Her only concern was finding a place to sleep where she wouldn't be bothered by Cam or kicked out by one of us.  She kept making the choice to sleep on Charlotte's seat and had to be kicked out about 10 times that day.  

I know this picture is a little ridiculous, but I just love it.  Camo pretty much spent his whole day pushing that button on the train ornament.  He loves it. 

Can you tell why Christmas is my favorite holiday?  So many good times.


  1. You can have a "White Christmas" party at my house!! I love that movie!

  2. Hello Virginia I read your blog and love it! One of the best project ones I have come across! You do amazing things with crafts and your family seems just lovely. I do have a question however. Do you know of any good fabric websites? Thank you so much for your time and keep on crafting!

  3. Hi Jill, thanks so much for the sweet compliment! I have to agree, I do have a lovely family. :) The only website I have ever used for fabric is They have a great selection and you can purchase bundles that they have put together. It's a great website! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. love the post. sad I missed the party :(