Tuesday, November 29, 2011

White Christmas

My friend Katie was here this weekend, so I put her to work. We got all the Christmas stuff out and started decorating.

My dreams have come true!  I have been longing for a white Christmas tree for quite awhile and I finally have it!  The most exciting thing about this tree is the price!  It was only $40 at Walmart!  I cannot believe I got it for so cheap.

I love it, it's everything I wanted from a tree.  I did make a slight change in my design plan, though.

I had originally planned to use all of the colors you see above (insert yellow for green) and I had made ornaments to match  these colors.  Well, once I started putting everything on the tree I decided that I didn't like the pink or purple on the tree.  It was just too dark for a nice, light tree, so I nixed them.  

Most of my ornaments I made are on the tree, with only a few left behind.  This little rhino is one of my favorites.

I had some yarn leftover from a previous project, so I wound it around a stryrofoam ball and used some hot glue to keep it all in place.  I like how the yarn looks on the tree.  I made these in blue, yellow, and gray.

Last year, Charlotte made Cam's hand print into an ornament.  She had some leftovers so we made one for Charlie.  We didn't make it in time to get on last year's tree, so I made sure to get it up this year.

 A few weeks ago I made some book page ornaments for a friend.  I liked them so much that I made some for myself!  A "C" for Charlie and a "G" for Ginner (aw, my little family).

My little felt pom poms looks great on the tree and we didn't even need a hook.  We just rested them in the branches. 

I love how this tree looks in my room.  It's wonderful to have a tree in the living room and bedroom.  It makes this little apartment feel like home.

The blue ornaments you see are the only things on my tree that are not homemade.  I got these at Walmart for $4.97 - a very nice deal for 26 ornaments (or 25 if you don't count the one that was broken).  The two trees you see are made using styrofoam cones, yarn, felt, hot glue, and straight pins.  I wound yarn around the smaller tree to create stripes (an idea I got from my friend, Kristin).  For the larger tree, I cut circles and pinned them onto the tree (an idea I got from here, via Pinterest).

A tree skirt was the one thing I hadn't really thought about when I was doing all my planning and scheming.  I  got this quilted tree skirts at Target for $30.  It's more than I wanted to spend, but it is really nice and I hadn't seen anything else that I liked.   

This is the view from the door to my bedroom.  Let's pretend the mess isn't there.  If we pretend it's not there then I do not have to clean it up.  I like that plan, yes I do.

In case you are wondering about my budget...
Tree from Walmart - $40
Blue ornaments  from Walmart - $4.97
Tree topper from Goodwill - $0.97
Tree skirt - $30
Total = $75.94

Not too shabby.  And I did stay under budge for ornaments.  I gave myself $10 and I still have $4.06 left.  The only reason I stayed under budget for the ornaments is because I have a mom who generously donated felt and floss for me to use.  Thanks, Mom! 

I love how this tree turned out.  I never thought I would like a white tree, and I still don't like it, I LOVE it. 


  1. Perfect! The tree is just beautiful.
    And in the very last picture posted, guess which item caught my eye? Charlie Girl knows how to guarantee Auntie Karen will buy her more toys in the future!

  2. It looks great Ginner! I love it!

  3. your tree looks lovely!