Tuesday, November 8, 2011


On Saturday, my good friend Mel came to spend the day shopping with me!  We had a blast.  This was Melissa's first trip to HomeGoods, so I had to take a picture!  I stupidly made her face straight into the sun , but she still managed to look great! Go Mel!

ps. Mel, I'm wearing the sweatshirt thingy we got at Old Navy right now and it's a-ma-zing.  Love it!

While browsing the Christmas section at HomeGoods, we discovered some interesting "decorations."  I don't mean to offend you if you currently own the velveteen reindeer, but we weren't too fond of it.

We also discovered a large elf-shoe-glittery-decoration-thingy which we tried to get a photo with.  I was going to stick my foot in it while Mel took the photo.  After waiting several minutes to have the section to ourselves, we finally gave up. We should have gone on a different day.  Plus, we were pretty confident that we looked incredibly guilty standing there waiting, so we decided the best course of action would be to just leave.  We know how awesome it would have been and that is all that matters.

While we were out and about, we hit up Old Navy since we had a 30% off coupon online.  To say "we went hog wild" would not quite explain what happened when we entered Old Navy.  Between the two of us, I'd say we tried one of everything.

I also bought this coat for myself.  I've been looking for a cute-ish (not too formal, not too casual) winter coat for quite some time.  Old Navy was having their 50% off sale(plus my 30% off coupon), so I got this $80 coat for $27.  SWEET DEAL!  I wanted to try another size, so I went back today.  I still had my coupon, so I headed to the kids section (Insert evil laugh here...muah ha ha).

Since I was going to be spending some dough on my favorite bundle of joy, I gave Char a call to see if she had any specific needs for the Camster.  She didn't pick up the phone, so I picked whatever I wanted and I had fun doing it.

When I buy clothes for Cameron, I'm really buying them for someone else.  The kid could care less what he is wearing. Because of this, I buy things I know that Char or Frank will like.  Can you guess which one will like this pajama set the best?  Yeah, this one's for Frank.

This adorable button down was bought with Charlotte in mind.  Just a little something for the big boy to wear to church on Sunday.  Say, for example, the Sunday that Aunt Ginner is home.  Like this Sunday.  This coming Sunday, when I'll be home.  Ok, maybe I got this one for me.

This one is definitely for Char.  Little socks with grippies so Cam doesn't fall when he's running around the house.  I wanted to make him some like the ones I saw here, but I couldn't find plain white socks in the 12-24 month range.  Craziness!

This was, by far, my favorite purchase for the little man.  This is definitely something that's all for Camo.  He is in love with trains.  Honestly, the kid is in love with anything that has an engine and wheels, but lately he's really focused on trains.

The app store for the iPad has digital books you can buy that read the book to the kids as they look at the pictures.  Oh my gosh, as I was just typing that I just realized how lazy it sounds.  In our defense, Cam isn't old enough to be interested in books long enough for you to read any words before he closes the book.   So, Mom bought him The Little Engine that Could.  This is what he looks like when he watches it.  Keep an eye out for when he is waving "hello" to the train (it happens twice).

He's obsessed with it.  It's a nice little distraction to keep him occupied when his mama is out of the room.

All that to say, I can't wait to give him this little train outfit and here him say "choo choo."


  1. Ah, I wanted to see the Elf-shoe-giltery-decoration thingie. Your mom and I believe in elves.

  2. You are definitely worse than mom: ) Thanks for all the cute stuff, I can't wait!