Friday, November 11, 2011

Plan C

Plan A - Create a tissue paper chandelier thingy to hang above my bed.
Plan A was full of good intention and it gave me something to do that evening, but in the long run it wasn't big enough.  The second problem with this project was that I made it upside down, so to actually hang a light from it would have been next to impossible.

This project has gone where projects go to die - my storage closet.

Plan B - create spectacular paint-chip chandelier for above bed.
Plan B turned out to be a bit puny for my taste.  The size was all wrong.  Plus, it has worked perfectly to hang this little ditty above my desk.  It gives off the perfect amount of light for working on the computer.

I've gotta say, looking at this photo makes me miss daylight.  Someone please explain Daylight Savings to me, because I just don't think I get it.  We moved time, which gave me a brighter morning and a shorter evening.  Soon my brighter morning will be gone and I'll still have my shorter evening.  So...why did we move time?  In the winter, I go to work when it's dark and get home when it's dark.

I miss the sun.  I miss sunny photos.  I miss natural light for taking my pictures because I hate using a flash.  My mission this winter is to learn how to take amazing photos in fluorescent lighting.  If you have any tips, please share!

Wow...I really went down the rabbit trail on that one.  Back to business...

Say hello to Plan C - standard lantern (a.k.a. boring)
The size is much better and the light is rich and warm.  I have this light on a dimmer switch (I'm in love with dimmer switches).  It helps to give me some mood lighting when Charlie and I are cuddling.  Kidding.  I just like being able to dim the lights.  As much as the size and lighting are perfect for me, I am bored with Plan C and I am brainstorming ways to spice things up.

I have some plans for building this out and making it more of a substantial "piece", but I'm have a difficulty putting it all together.  My brain and I like to visualize and problem solve before completing the project.  This project just isn't working in my brain, so I'll hold my tongue until I know for sure that I'll be doing it.

Since typing that last sentence, I've spent about 20 minutes going through my old "Mobile Uploads" albums on Facebook.  There are some cute pictures of Cam on there.  This one always makes me laugh.  Cam is obsessed with Charlie, but the feeling is most definitely not mutual.  This is Charlie, pleading with me to get the baby away from her ball.

Happy Weekend!


  1. hey there! i just wanted to say that i love your blog. i am from europe (austria) and i come here every day to read about you and charlie. please keep posting! :)

  2. First of all - I like Plan C and I'm also a "dimmer" person. You might have noticed little dimmer switches all over my house!! And 2nd of all, you really can just see HELP ME in Charlie's eyes. Right now Charlie sees Cam as a "pet human" I bet. But one of these days soon Cam will become a person in Charlie's eyes and Charlie will regain her alpha-pet status!! And by the way, I also love your blog!

  3. Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for the sweet compliment! And thanks for stopping by each day. I'll let Charlie know she has a fan. She's currently sleeping in my bed with her head on my pillow. She's living the good life! Thanks again. I'll definitely keep posting.

    -Virginia and Charlie