Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Love and Chaos

Sorry Est!  I'm a little late posting today, so I'm sure you're already asleep.  At least you'll have a little Cameron to wake up to Saturday morning.

This is a photo from Applesauce Day.  Cameron really does love his mama, but he was a little distracted on this day.  There was a lot going on and he wanted to see, touch, and taste everything!

The neighbors have a really nice Thomas train set and, since their kids are grown, they have lent it to Cameron to use.  They brought it down to my parent's house on Applesauce Day and chaos ensued.  There was a lot of excitement surrounding this train table.  The kids made sure to show Cam how the pieces go together and tell him the names of the trains.  Of course, Cam loved it.

All aboard!  Cam loved the table so much he decided to climb on up.  His mom quickly put a stop to that, but at least I got to take a photo first.

Obviously, this one is from Applesauce Day as well.  Each apple was washed before being cut and put into pots.  The sink was full of water and perfect for bobbing for Apples.  Don't worry, we made Tommy wait until the last few apples before allowing him to stick his face in the water.  He is one talented boy.

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I'm very excited for my weekend.

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