Monday, November 14, 2011

The Evolution of Cam's Smile

On May 8th, I wrote a post about mulching the yard with the fam (don't worry, its more exciting than it sounds).  In that post I wrote this:
I love this little guy, but getting him to smile for the camera is like, well, winning the lottery.  You can never win if you don't try.  And Cam, one of these days I'll win and you'll smile when I snap a picture!
Good news!  I won!

It started out pretty small.  I'd get a tiny smile when he saw himself on the screen, but that was about it.

After the small smile, we regressed a little bit to the blank stare.  But I blame this blank stare on the fact that he could not see himself as I was taking the photo.

Success!  We have officially graduated to the big smile!  But I was no longer satisfied.  Once I tackled the smile, I went for a tongue out picture.  He sort of gets it, but in this photo he was basically just opening his mouth.  I'm pretty sure his tongue is out by accident.  Also, can we completely ignore my face?  I'm never worried about what I look like because I'm just looking at that adorable little guy.  Obviously, I need to be more aware.

King me!  I've officially done it.  As soon as Cam sees himself on screen, the tongue just comes out.  So now all that's left to do is decide on the next face I want him to learn.   

Hmmm... Let me think for a second... Oh! Got it!

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