Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blame it on Mom, again.

When I started with today's post, I sat down at the computer planning to edit photos and write an Applesauce Day post.  Yeah, not so much.  You can blame this non-Applesauce day post on Mom.  Right before I sat down the doorbell rang.  After calming down the pooch, I opened the door to find an Amazon package waiting for me.  I knew it was from Mom.

Inside the packed I found this awesome book.  As soon as I opened it and saw what it was, I planned on calling Mom to thank her.  Twenty minutes later, after reading the first few pages and analyzing diagrams, I finally called Mom.  I am so excited about this book.

This book has easy to understand diagrams and instructions.  Though, I don't know if I'll ever succeed at completing a french knot; especially since it takes my about .2 seconds to become completely frustrated.  But I cannot wait to get started!   This book also comes with 450 designs on a cd.  You can copy them right from the book or resize and print from the computer.  So awesome.

Can you guess who these two designs remind me of?  You guessed it!  Charlotte.  For some reason, my little sister has a thing for mushrooms.

Esther, these ladies reminds me of you.  I could be way off on that though, so feel free to correct me.  But I always think of you when I see nesting dolls.  Did you have some? Because I have no idea where this notion came from.  Also, they are super cute.

This book is so exciting and inspiring.  The good news is that I currently have needles and floss in my apartment, but the bad news is that I don't have an embroidery hoop or fabric.  More good news - I can get what I don't have from my Mom, who used to cross stitch all the time.  I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break to really get this started.  Until then I'll have to satisfy myself with creating more felt ornaments using the techniques in this book.

Charlie is completely unthrilled with this book.  All she knows is that her second favorite person in the whole world (Mom) sent her first favorite person in the whole world (me) an attention stealer.   Poor baby.

Auntie Karen, this photo is for you.  Charlie lovingly adopted Susie's pig months ago and has been giving it lots of attention (as you can see).  It's missing two back legs and the tail broke off 2 days ago.  Because it's dirty, torn up, and leaves stuffing all over, I threw it in a box to be thrown out.  The box has been sitting on the floor for the past day and Charlie has made several attempts to get the toy back.  I finally had to take it out and give it back to her.  Just thought I'd let you know that Charlie has really been enjoying her inherited toy!


  1. Mkae sure you share what you end up making... that book looks awesome!

  2. Ahhh...the pig is still alive (sorta)!!

  3. i just saw this book yesterday at Hancock Fabrics! i decided to wait until i finish the other 100 projects i've started... maybe Santa will bring it to me.

    have fun!