Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Beautiful Surprise

Did you know I have the best older sister ever?  She's the best sister ever and I'm totally obsessed with her.  Esther is currently living out of the country and is far, far away.  Lucky for me, that doesn't stop her from being the best older sister ever.

Thursday was a rough day for me, and the next day at work I received a little surprise.

Waiting for me in the office was this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Also, I needed a Hildie picture and I knew this would be the perfect place for her weekly photo.  She loves the flowers and so do I! 

Est, thanks so much for the flowers and what you wrote in the card.  I really appreciated it and it was a perfect surprised.  I don't know when the flowers arrived, but I didn't pick them up until around noon.  This worked out perfectly because I was on the cart for Health and I couldn't get back to my office to put them away.  Such a tragedy; I just had to carry them around with me for the rest of the afternoon   I loved it.  Also, the kids loved them too.  "Ms. S, you're flowers are soooo pretty." 

I love you!


  1. When you girls were little and fighting I would say in my mind, "Some day they will be best friends." Yep, you three are best friends and fight FOR each other now. Just like my sisters do for me.