Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Aquarium, where there's lots of "wader"

Frank, Charlotte, Cameron, and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium last Saturday.  It all started with a few hours in the car and Cam did remarkably well.   Believe it or not, Cam is smiling in this picture and saying "cheese" even though it looks like he's growling at me.

This is a photo I took on our walk to the aquarium from the car.  I love this photo for two reasons - 1. Char looks awesome and 2. Cam looks like he's plotting his escape (if that's not a Frank face, I don't know what is). 

Cam loved the walls of photos and had a great time running back and forth to point at each one.  I took the nice camera into the aquarium, but this is the only photo I could get that is even remotely in focus.  It was just too dark in there for non-flash photos.  I mostly used my phone.

He loved standing in front the glass and saying "Wader! Wader!"  Yes, Cam, there is water in the tank.  When he had to wait his turn to get close, he would get frustrated and scream "WADER!"  This trip was awesome because Cam was really enjoying himself and he loved looking at all the fish. 

Pretty much all my pictures from the aquarium are the same - the back of Cam's head in front of a tank - so I promise this will be the last one, but I just had to show you this one.  Just look at those little beefy hands.  Oh, they kill me.

We caught the bottom half of the dolphin show.  Seriously, it was the bottom half, from the fins down.  We didn't buy tickets to the show because we knew Cam wouldn't last, so we watched through the window in the bottom of the tank.  It was a perfect snack break for Cam and it was fun to see the dolphins playing around.  

With some light from a very bright tank, I snagged this group shot.  Cam was smiling the instant before I took the picture - of course.

At the top of the aquarium is a rainforest section with birds and monkeys and spiders.  I love going to these types of places, but please keep the spiders behind glass and not out in the open.  Thanks.  

Outside the aquarium was a map of the northeastern states.  I had to wait for some kid to stop educating himself about the states before I could take this picture.  Kids and their education are always getting in the way.  Don't worry, I'm kidding.

After the aquarium, we took a walk around the harbor.  It was a great day for a walk.  

Charlotte was getting hungry so she decided to eat the Lockness Monster.  It's ok though, there were about 15 more out in the water.  I'm sure that one little guy won't be missed.

photo by Charlotte
After our walk, we decided to head to Little Italy for dessert and found a really good gelato place.   Cam sat on a bench between Char and Frank and shared their dessert.  He got a little bit of everything and, when everything was gone, was still hungry for more.  I'm pretty sure Cam is a bottomless pit.

photo by Charlotte
More Mama?  Isn't there more?  

photo by Charlotte
Those eyes make me melt.  I cannot resist their power.  

photo by Charlotte
I couldn't decide whether I liked this photo in b&w or color, so I'm posting both.  Can you guess what my new desktop background is?  

Our day at the aquarium was really fun and I can't wait to do it again sometime! 

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  1. I better hurry up and get over to see you guys soon or Cam will be all grown up! He was such a cute baby and he's growing up to be so handsome! Did I need to tell Auntie Ginner that? Don't think so.