Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anthro Inspiration, Episode 2

When we were little, Charlotte and I used to play a game with the clothing catalogs that came to the house.  We went through each page of the catalog and we each had to pick one thing we would wear.   You had to pick, there was no skipping.  Sometimes it was easy because we loved what we saw, but sometime it was just entertaining.

Our 2 hour trip to Anthropologie was kind of like that.

There was definitely no wandering; we are very methodical.  We decided to start going clockwise around the store and we made sure to hit each and every display.  Yes, we take our Anthro trips very seriously.

While we were there, Charlotte bought a really cute(?) shirt.  I put the question mark behind that because I'm not sure that I totally think it's cute.  I think it looks good on her, but it sort of makes her look like a Grecian statue.  I'm allowed to say that on my blog because I already said it to her face.  I'm also allowed to say that because Charlotte could care less.  I'm not the one wearing it, so I don't have to like it.

I didn't buy anything while we were there, but I definitely did not walk away empty handed.  The store is so full of inspiration it's ridiculous.  My phone was working over time.  Some of the photos are blurry, but I sort of felt like a stalker when I was constantly taking pictures, so I tried to be quick.  After a while, I stopped bothering to put my phone away.

Usually, I try to save the best for last, but I can't wait.  I am obsessed with this light.  I want to own it.  Can you guess how they made this light?  Zip ties!  That's it, plain ol' zip ties.  Seriously, I need to do this.  Part of the reason I'm so obsessed with this is the complete simplicity.  They took an ordinary item and make it freaking awesome.  Ok, we need to move on or I'll be on this all day.

These ornaments are gorgeous and I know I've seen something like this on Pinterest.  All you would need is a styrofoam ball and pearl straight pins.  I'm not sure what it would cost, so maybe Anthro's $12 price wouldn't be so bad.  Either way, I love this.

This is another $12 ornament.  I actually just made a couple of these and it was pretty much free.  I used some foam core board and an old book.   I'll share the details later, but I think it looks just as nice as this and it was sort of free since I already had everything on hand.

sorry for the blurry photo
This paper tree goes for $48 at Antrho.  I have no doubt that you could make this for much cheaper.  The paper layers are separated by thin foam and threaded through a thin dowel.  Simple and easy.  This may just be my opinion, but I think $48 is seriously unreasonable for those of us that can make this at home with a glue gun, dowel, paper, and foam.

This cup light fixture is not something new, I know, but I've never seen so many together.  What a wonderful impact.  It's put together with plastic cups and staples.  So incredibly simple.

don't worry, Char isn't blurry in real life.
This little reindeer is a hefty $78.  I'm not writing about this because I think I could make it myself.  Oh no, definitely not.  I'm just writing about this because I want to own it.  I want this adorable little guy sitting next to my Christmas tree.  Charlie could use a good friend and, seeing as she doesn't get along with other dogs, this little guy would be perfect.  Bonus - it's soft and fuzzy.  So cute.

Awesome right?  When I walked in I was completely drawn to this wall.  I just had to find out what it was.

I've got to admit, I have no idea what it is made out of, but it feels a lot like plastic wrap.  There were many layers stuck together, so it was pretty thick, but it definitely felt like plastic wrap.  It's attached to the wall with nails.  There are also some things holding some of the pieces to each other, but I'm not quite sure what those are.  Either way, it rocks.  I'm all for it.  I'll take two please. 

This giant snow world thingy was the last thing we spotted as we were leaving.  Underneath the "snow" there is a little world with trees and snow.  It's cute, but I mostly took this photo because I was intrigued.

It's made out of plastic utensils, much like the light fixture I saw in the Anthro in Philly back in September.  Who knew plastic utensils could be so cool?

The two hours that Charlotte and I spent in Anthropologie were so much fun.  It's always fun to go shopping with my sister, but it was even more exciting because we went to Anthro.  The people that create these amazing pieces deserve a round of applause (I actually just did that).  The store is full of inspiration and, even though I don't usually buy anything, I can't wait to go back!


  1. That wall thingy is too cool, and the old book motif is giving me my own Christmas decoration ideas!

  2. I believe the circles that look like capiz shells on the wall are layered plastic wrap that is ironed flat and cirlce punched out, the little white things that hold them together look like scrapbooking brad/rivet things.

  3. Hey Virginia! I love your blog. And I totally played that catalog game with my sister when we were little. (I still make friends play it with me now, although it's way more fun with an Oriental Trading Co catalog vs. Madewell. Haha). Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love it.