Monday, October 3, 2011

Skype, How I Love Thee

Cam was at the parent's house on Saturday, so I knew I could get some Skype time in.  This was Saturday morning and I had yet to be out of my pjs or do my hair.  So for the next several pictures, keep your eyes on Cam and off me.

We popped bubbles together, played break the pickles, and I even got a high five.

My webcam comes with avatars.  They are slightly creepy, but they are also funny.

Charlie likes to say hello to Cameron and Cameron likes to say hello to Charlie.  Then she hung out on the desk for a little because she wanted a gobstopper.  Sorry, Charlie, not for you!

Thank you, Skype, for giving me free video chats and giving me the chance to see my nephew even when I'm far away.  I can't wait until Cameron can talk and we can have conversations with more words then ninner, arf, bubble, and button.


  1. That dog avatar cracks me up every time. P.s. I'm transferring all of my pictures onto Grandma's computer, and am seeing some oldies-but-goodies. Beware.

  2. Charlie has more resistance than I do when it comes to a little bowl of Gobstoppers. On another subject, I remember when Disneyland in CA (in the 60's) had the "House of Tomorrow" and one thing was a phone with a small TV screen above it so people could see each other when they talked. I swore then I'd never have one because I wouldn't want to have to be prepared to be seen while talking on the phone if I wanted to lay around in my PJ's on Saturday or days off. And my photo-phone fears have come to pass. I don't do Skype...end of that story!