Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skinny Fat

Charlie got a haircut last weekend.  She's now in the skinny fat stage of hair growth.  This stage is when you think she is going to look skinnier because she just got a hair cut.  Wrong.  Actually, because of the haircut her head looks extra tiny so her body looks extra large.  She is skinny fat.

I love my shaggy puppy, but when the groomers take her all the way down we can go longer between grooming.  The plan was to show you a before and after, so I sat her down Sunday night to take some photos of her new do.  

Photo time quickly turned into chicken time.  

This photo reminds me of a certain movie.  If you are a member of my family, I expect you to know the movie before I tell you.  You have about 2 more seconds before I tell you....The Man from Snowy River.  Esther/Mom/Char, if you did not know that, I am very disappointed.

Here's the pooch before the great haircut:

And here is my beautiful girl after the haircut:
She's lost quite a lot of hair and beard.  I've notice that she's colder than usual since losing all that hair.  

phone pics = bad quality
I'm a good mom, I take care of my pooch.  See that little pillow?  My mom made that specifically for her.  See that big quilt?  My mom made that for me.  I think I spoil my baby because my mom spoils me!  So, once again, we can blame it all on Mom.  

also a phone pic
You think its dumb to cover a dog with a blanket.  You think dogs are dogs and don't get cold.  You are wrong.  Especially when dogs have just gotten all their hairs cut right before winter.  It's tough being so beautiful.


  1. Cam really likes this post. Also, that butt picture is the funniest thing ever. Charlie has it made!

  2. Ummmm, it's not just Charlie who can look skinny-fat after grooming! I just got a haircut myself... Maybe your mom needs to make her a sweater. Our dog in Fairbanks had a little coat and four booties that she wore every time she had to do her thing outside in the winter and she wouldn't go out without her clothes!

  3. Every time my pups get on the sofa they expect to be covered up! They have their own blanket just for this!