Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Done...I Think

The bedroom is complete, sort of.  I still feel like there is something missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  I think it's that this room has too many functions.  I can't make it into the bedroom I want because it is also my office.  I would love to have a chair and ottoman in this room, but there is no space.  Since that's something I can't change I'll just have to get over it.  Oh well.

You may notice a few changes from the pictures I previously posted.  Here are a few differences:
1. The closet curtain is up
2. New ottoman
3. Corner shelf painted and moved (this is not quite ready for a big reveal)
4. New pillows

The new ottoman looks so nice in the room.  The light color perfectly matches the feel of the room.  Plus, I got it for a steal at HomeGoods; the "compare at" price was $80 and I got it for $22.  Not too shabby.  There is just one major problem - Charlie doesn't like it.  Honestly, I can't really blame her.  As she jumps from the ottoman to the bed, the ottoman falls over every single time.  I don't need her breaking a leg as she jumps into bed.  Goodbye Otto, it was good while it lasted (all five minutes).

My shopping trip wasn't a total waste.  Hello Gorgeous!  I saw this pillow first at HomeGoods in different colors.  I loved it immediately, but the colors were all wrong.  I actually tried to figure out how to work green into my room.  I'm pretty sure I should never go to HomeGoods without another person.  I cannot think rationally in that store.  Luckily, TJ Maxx had my pillow in my colors.  I did the happy dance and then bought two.

While perusing Apartment Therapy, I saw a post about desks.  As I was looking at all of the desks, I realized one thing they all had in common - the top was almost completely cleared off.  I did some reorganizing and got almost everything off the top of the desk.  I also purchased a new lamp to add some interest.

I like that this lamp is a statement piece as well as having a function (that makes my brain feel good).  There is one thing that is putting a hitch in the plan - I have no idea what light bulb fits into the base.  When I asked the girl at HomeGoods she said "The world's smallest light bulb?"  No lie.  Those were her exact words.

I showed you this frame project last week and now you see it's home.  I put it there to help fill some empty space and make the marker board fit into the room better.  When there was just a marker board on that wall it seemed very empty and unhappy.

The bedroom makeover has been a complete success.  I especially love the comforter (that is my all time favorite), but this wall perplexes me. It's so...empty.  Plus, that TV sticks out like a sore thumb.  I don't know how to fix this yet, so the status of this side of the room is "to be continued."

In the far corner between the TV and the closet is a full length mirror.  It's been occupying floor space for about a year and I finally hung it up.  I took measurements, marked screw holes on the wall, leveled, remeasured, and finally put the base screws in.  Then the whole plan went down the crapper.

I have no idea what happened, but when I put up the mirror it was so crooked.  I would have looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa every morning.  Finally, I gave up on the measurements and just held the mirror and level on the wall while I marked screw holes.  Good plan, right?

As much as I liked the blue fabric in this fame, I knew it wouldn't be staying long.  I edited some photos to make them b&w and then stuck them in.  From top to bottom: Esther and I aboard the USS Constitution in Boston, Charlie, and Cameron showing his inner model.

Christmas may still be far away, but I'm already scheming.  This year I'm getting two trees.  One for the living room and one for my bedroom.  See Charlie's bed?  There's enough room there to get a small tree and have it take up minimal space.  Best idea ever.  I'm not a fan of fake trees, but I saw a tall/skinny one at Walmart today that would be perfect for that space.

Right before I took these pictures I cleaned up the room and cleared out all of Charlie's toys.  This was the first picture I took.  How did she manage to get that little blue toy back into the room in the 1 minute between cleaning and picture taking?  She also managed to get her mangy tale into the picture, too.  Sneaky, sneaky.

And just in case you were wondering, here is my current list:

The To-Do/Done List:
new duvet cover using the fabric above
get a bedskirt
get a nightstand
new ottoman or update ottoman
get rid of standing lamp
Paint corner shelf 
get new fabric to cover Charlie's crate (ditched the crate)
Take out trash 
more artwork for over desk
paint sconces
clean up cords under desk
new window curtains 
new bookcase or paint it...or ditch it
- new bedside lamp 
chandelier above bed (in the works)
- get an actual bed frame and finally become a grown up 
- new lampshade
- new knobs for dresser

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  1. OK - the long awaited final reveal was well worth the wait!!! I know you still have 5 things on your "to do" list but the room looks finished and beautiful. I really love the punch of yellow you put into the mix. The pillows are such a great addition. Even Charlie looks blended in because brown is sorta yellowish. Well, anyway, it's such a pretty and efficient multi-functional space and I love it!