Monday, October 24, 2011


It took me two winters, but I've finally done it!  You may be wondering what could have possibly taken me two winters to accomplish.  In one word - boots.  

It took me two winters to find good, sturdy, winter boots.  I spend a lot of time outside during the winter.  I love to be out and about.  Plus, the pooch goes out four times a day.  I could believe how hard it was to find real winter boots.  When we were at Shady Maple a few weeks ago, I had to look because I knew they wouldn't let me down.

The previous boots I owned were, as I like to call them, fashion boots.  They were super cute.  They were also super thin and really FLIMSY.  It's really frustrating that I couldn't just slip them on.  Taking Charlie out should not be a big ordeal, but it was.

Now that's some nice lining.  Charlie and I love the snow, so we spend a lot of time walking outside.  Charlie doesn't like her coat, but once I catch her, I slip her coat onto her little body and we head out.  On one of my snow days last year we were out for an hour.  By the time we got back my feet were icicles.  Actually, they were icicles about 10 minutes into the walk.

I can't wait to try these babies out.  No more icicle feet for me!  Plus, my long pants will stay tucked into these boots, instead of constantly falling out and getting all wet. 

I know, I know, a post about boots is not that exciting.  But I am really excited that I finally have a good pair!

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  1. The whole trick to winter is the right gear (and you know I know firsthand). I love your boots and give you a major A+ for a great choice! What about Charlie Girl's boots?