Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Evening Ride

This blog has been a really good hobby for me.  It forces me to get up and do things so I actually have something to write about.  So when I got home last night and had nothing for today, instead of sitting in front of the TV all night, I jumped in the car with Charlie.

Disclaimer:  When I took these pictures, I was going 20 mph, there was no one else on this back road, and I wasn't looking through the camera.  I just aim and shoot.  That is why it took me 20 pictures to get this one slightly focused shot.

This is what Charlie does in the car.  She loves to stick her face out of the window.  For some reason, this is very tiring for her because every few minutes she sits back down with her tongue hanging out.

This is definitely my favorite shot of the night.  What a hairy beast.  When she sat down for the first time after hanging her head out of the window I actually laughed out loud.  You can clearly see where the wind hits her beard.

Check out the face in that mirror.  If I came across this dog in a dark alley, I would run.  She's my little lioness.  Charlie, I promise I will get your haircut next week soon eventually.

After a quick rest, she's right back at it again.  I love this big fluff ball.


  1. What a pretty night for a ride. I've never seen Charlie's hair so long. She looks like a little teddy bear!