Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Christmas

Recently, I made the decision to put a Christmas tree in my bedroom.  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.  Everything about Christmas is wonderful.  It's the only holiday I decorate for and I decorate every room, with only one exception.  I do not decorate the kitchen.  I don't like the kitchen and I don't like spending time in the kitchen.  Bleck.

You can't have Christmas without a traditional Christmas tree.  Don't get me wrong, I complete love that artificial trees save money and time.  And I don't think I'd be upset if I had to go through Christmas without struggling to get the tree in the house, on the stand, lit up, and watered, but I love my real tree.

This year I'm switching things up.  I've decided that I want a white tree for my bedroom.  Since white trees do not occur naturally in nature (bummer), I'll be purchasing an artificial tree.  I'm still going to have my traditional pine in the living room, so I'm ok with being a little more modern elsewhere.

After forging the internet, I have decided that white trees are expensive.  I can get a 3' tree for about $55 or a 6.5' for $140.  Sheesh.  I think $55 is slightly reasonable, but go big or go home and I want to go big.  

Since a tree just might break the bank, I've decided to challenge myself a little when it comes to ornaments.  I am giving myself a budget of $10 for ornaments.  

$10 might sound low, but I'm already on track.  I found this star at Goodwill for a whopping $0.97.  Now I'm officially down to $9.03.  Since making this resolution, Pinterest and I have been very busy.

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These simple yarn ornaments are cute and easy.  It only requires styrofoam balls (check), yarn (check), hot glue gun (check), and I could use tp rolls for the base (check).  

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For me, glitter is a four letter word, but I think I can figure out a way to make the pine cone stand out minus the glitter.  All I need for this project is a pine cone (check), paint (check), and yarn (check).

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This ornament from Martha Stewart also has glitter, but I can skip that part.  Materials: balloons (need), yarn (check), glue (check), water (check), and a clothespin (check).

Since I already own many of the materials I need, I am confident that I can stay under my $10 budget.  These are only some of the ideas I've found so far, but as we get close to Christmas I know there will be more to find.  I've started a new board on Pinterest for any ideas I find.    

Wish me luck!  Keep your eyes peeled for a cheap, but awesome looking white Christmas tree!  I'm offering a reward that's priceless.  I'll let you have Charlie for an entire day, but then you have to give her back.  I know it will be tough to part with her.  Man up.

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  1. Check out Wal-Mart. I got a 3' unlit green tree for $10 about 12 years ago and we still use it every year. Online they have some white trees.