Monday, October 17, 2011

The Corner Shelf, finally...

Through a friend of my sister, I acquired a corner shelf.  It's a great little shelf, but it didn't fit in with my new color scheme in the bedroom.  This project took me several weekends to complete because I was pretty sanded out.  I was sick of sanding and didn't have any arm muscle left.  Maybe I'll buy myself a sander for Christmas or maybe I'll hire a man with muscle to do it for me.  

I'm sure Tony would love to help.  Oh, I melt.  Ok, ahem, back to business.  Do you see that hair?  Really, moving on...once you notice the hair.  He has some seriously great hair.  Um, shelves, let's talk about shelves...

Before prepping the shelf for painting, I first had to remove Charlie's extra toys.  I had read somewhere that switching out the dog toys often will keep the pooch from getting bored and attacking the furniture.  She's over the chew-anything-in-site stage (remotes, slippers, spatulas), so toy storage is no longer necessary.  

After sanding the whole thing down, I removed the door and hinges and started painting.  I painted the outside white and the inside just a shade darker than my walls.  Thankfully, I didn't have to paint all the sides since this shelf sits in the corner.  If everyone in the world were as short as me, I wouldn't have had to paint the top either.  Get on that people.  

After putting everything back on, I tried replacing the old knob with a new one.  With the new knob in place the door wouldn't close.  Fortunately, I had just taken all the knobs off the dresser.  I used a dresser knob for the door and put the extra Anthropologie knob on my nightstand.  I actually like it much better there because I can see it.

Hmm, apparently I took this before the knob switch.  You'll just have to take my word for it that the ugly knob is actually gone.  When I'm doing renovations, I usually hold on to the things I switch out, just in case.  Did I keep this old knob?  Well, let's just say it's going to the great door in the sky.


  1. We have a corner cabinet that Lowell inherited from his mom and dad but we've never had a corner to put it in (just for the record we do have corners in our house). It's with his sister down in Florida because she has a corner where it fits. It looks really similar. I love what you did to yours and his needs some help in the same direction.