Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cara Sorella,

Big News!  I've started a second blog.  Ok, this really isn't big news, but it is news.

You may be wondering why I've started this second blog.  Well, allow me to explain.

My older sister, Esther, moved out of the country Friday for work. The place she is moving to is in a different time zone and talking isn't going to be easy.  So I started thinking...why not start another blog just for Esther?  I want a way to keep her up to date on what's happening in PA, but I know that much of what I will want to share with Esther doesn't really fit on my blog. Also, it probably wouldn't interest most of you.  You'll be seeing a lot of Camo here and many random things. This blog will be a running letter to my far off sister.

The title "cara sorella" means "dear sister" in Italian.  Esther is not in Italy, but I just liked how it sounded in Italian.  You'd be surprised at how many blog names I had to try before I found one that was available.

There is a direct link to Cara Sorella up in the tabs bar, but you can also head straight there from this link:

Also, once you are there, you can come right back here to Virginia and Charlie using a link in the tabs bar.


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