Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buckle Up: Many photos ahead

My older sister, Esther, will soon (as in Friday) be moving for two years.  She's leaving these united states for greener pastures work.  She'll be greatly missed.  I have no idea who is going to boss us around anymore; we are going to be wandering around like idiots for two years.  Esther has been affectionately named "The Boss" of our family.  She tells us what to do and when to do it.  She organizes our gatherings, keeps us clothed, and sometimes she even calls businesses pretending to be the middle sister to get said sister a job (true story).

Mom and I jokingly said "Who is going to buy Charlotte clothes when Esther leaves?"  Charlotte started laughing with us and then took a look at her outfit: 
- Shoes, from Esther
- Pants, picked out by Esther
- Shirt, from Esther
Oh boy.

We had a going away party on Saturday so friends and family could say goodbye to Est.  Shanna and I (with lots of help on my side from Mom and Esther) did the planning.  One of the ideas that came out of the many emails was to create a photo booth.  Shanna got a Polaroid camera and I set to work on making some props.  I didn't want to be too trendy by sticking to the mustache theme, but I didn't have any other ideas.  I'll tell you what, fake mustaches are a ton of fun.  Be trendy!  Embrace the trend!  It was super fun.  Here is some of the craziness that followed...

I wish I would have taken a digital picture of every person that was in the photo booth, but it just didn't happen.  We used a polaroid for the main pictures and digitals were secondary.  There were some pretty hilarious pictures.

On Sunday, the soccer league that Esther has been a part of for years threw her a going away game.

Due to many knee problems, Esther was not able to play in the game, but she was a great spectator!

These two unruly characters ran the game.  There were formal introductions for speakers and several speeaches.  One was titled "The Life and Legend of Esther."

Esther's good friend, Brenna wrote a speech and recruited some Shippensburg friends (ship what) to help her out.  I hope they didn't pay a lot for that college education, because they spelled "Esther" backwards the first time around.

Oh the shame....

There we go!  Ok Brenna, you may proceed.

After speeches and photos the game began.  It was unusually hot for an October afternoon and I was exhausted from the previous night.  I admit that I left at halftime, but I'm sure the game was very interesting and exciting.

Friday will soon be here and I will be saying goodbye to my favorite older sister.  This sucks.

Esther, I promise to keep you updated on Cameron's progress.  I promise to organize Skype conversations and face time.  I promise to lovingly care for your 42" tv.  I promise to not send you too many emails since you never respond anyway.  I promise to let you know what I'm "obsessed" with because "it's the best thing ever."   Pinky swear.


  1. What a fun send-off. And when she comes back you'll have a great reason to throw another one!!! Love the photo booth. Thanks for all the pictures.