Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Banner

A few weeks ago, Mom made a banner for our photo booth.  It's such a cute little banner and I got to take it home with me.  It needed a place to hang, but it didn't fit into the bedroom, or the living room, or the dining room.

Don't hate me for putting this lovely banner in the bathroom.  I know the bathroom is not the most glamorous place in my apartment, but it is perfect.  It makes my morning routine so much better.  Now, if you're any taller than 5'4" than this won't really work for you.  In fact, it's almost too low for me.  I had to strategically place the peak; it's right above where I stand when I get ready in the morning.

After deciding on the "where", I need to figure out the "how."  I didn't want anything too permanent because I have other things to hang in the bathroom at Christmas.  I haven't figured out whether this is a good thing or not, but the bathroom mirror is just held up by clips (or so it seems).  This means there is a space between the mirror and the wall.

I took a piece of cardboard and made a yarn sandwich.  Then I shoved the cardboard piece between the mirror and the wall.

It gave me a tight enough fit that the yarn didn't fall out.  Bonus - it's nowhere near permanent.

Can I share some exciting news?  I surpassed 100,000 pages views.  Take a look see -

Pageviews all time history

About 90,000 of those views happened between July and now.  For most blogs, that's the number of views they get on an hourly basis.  But little ol' me is very excited about that large number.  To celebrate I'm going to make this post 100,000 words.  Kidding.  I think I'll just give Charlie a hug.
                The end.

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  1. congrats on getting to 100,000! My little sister is famous!