Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Turtle

Say hello to the turtle.  This turtle has been around for a long time, obviously.  It's a little worse for wear, but I love it.  This little turtle has a home underneath my desk and is used daily as my footstool.  I love this turtle, but it needs an upgrade.

The plan:
- paint the body of the turtle white
- recover cushion with new fabric
- add new fridge and tacks

I want the look of this turtle to stay the same, just updated and given a modern twist.  The fringe will stay, but the old fabric will go.

This is what happens when I take pictures while sitting on the floor.  Charlie always takes this opportunity to bring me a toy and get in some playtime.


  1. Ah, Charlie Girl knows how to warm my heart when she chooses the toy I gave her. Smart girl!!!

  2. So true, Karen! She loves that toy. Can't wait to help you with the turtle! Does that mean we get to shop for fabric :-)!!

  3. Just for the record, I learned the identity of's....are you ready????....she's famous....she's fabulous...she's....DEB!!!

  4. haha I knew it was Mom when she asked about going fabric shopping. And yes, Mom, we can take Camo with us Saturday morning :)

    Auntie Karen, Charlie loves that toy. It's perfect; it's rubbery, squishy, and the bounce is completely unpredictable. She LOVES it.