Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank You iPhone

As you all know, I love my iPhone.   It keeps me from getting lost, ends debates, and gives me gorgeous pictures.  One of the features I love is the camera on the front of the phone.  It allows you to see the picture as you take it.  It's not the best quality, but I'm sure Apple will be fixing that soon.

The reason it is so wonderful is because Camo can see himself as we take a picture, which is one of the only reasons he smiles.  Then he tries to grab the phone.

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  1. Reminds me of the olden days when we had photo booths. You'd put money in and shut a little curtain and sit there and make faces while the camera took four pictures. Check your email, Gin, because I'm sending you the pictures we took one time many, many moons ago. This must have been about 1967! A blast from the past...