Friday, September 9, 2011

A Quote

When my mom and dad got married in '78, one of the gifts they received was a photo.  This photo is of a path they used to walk at LeTourneau University.  They met, fell in love and got engaged at LeTourneau.  My mom has had this photo hanging in the house for 30 years and recently decided that it was time for it to go.

When I looked at the photo, I saw potential so I adopted it.  The oval mat is really nice and ads a little something special.  I plan on recovering the mat and painting the frame.  Sorry this is a terrible photo, but I hadn't originally planned on writing this post, so I wasn't prepared and I've already taken it apart.

When I started pulling it apart, I hit a snag. The back of the frame was sealed with this paper.  I figured Mom wouldn't care if I ripped it apart, but I figured I should call her anyway.  We started talking about the photo and how Mom and Dad used to take walks.  Then Mom said this:

"What else were we going to do?  We were broke, we didn't have a car, we couldn't make out, so we went for walks."



  1. Walking is good! That's what my baby sister should have been doing!!!!

  2. Bahahah...yep that about sums it up!