Friday, September 16, 2011

The Plan: Our Progress

Mom is here this weekend to help me with this mess of a room.  She'll be here until Monday and it's going to be awesome.  Here is our plan:

-find fabric for recovering the turtle
-find fabric for curtains
-disassemble the turtle
-prep bedroom for painting

-paint one coat in bedroom
-lunch: curry (it's a homemade recipe and its my fav)
             update: we had homemade roast instead.  Homemade by me, believe it or not.  It was so simple
                   and deilicious.   Why did no one tell me it was so simple?
-nap (we skipped this)
-second coat in bedroom (we didn't need to do this)
-paper chandelier (this turned out awesome!)

-put furniture back into it's proper place (did this Saturday afternoon)
-move bookshelf (did this Saturday before painting)
-sew curtains
-sew bedspread
-add details to pillows
-put together ikea shelf
-finish turtles

-paint corner shelf
-paint sconces
-watch Castle
-hang artwork/photos

It's going to feel so good to get those things accomplished.  I can't to walk into my room and feel good about it.  Right now, it just feels unattended and messy (even when it's clean)

Via Pinterest, I found the Icovia Room Planner.  The room planner allows you to see a scale model of your room and all your furnishings.  You can choose from their selections, or add your own.  It was slow going, but it was very helpful to see a scale model of my room.

This is my bedroom as it looks now.  The furniture in light blue is definitely staying through the redo process (bed, desk, dresser).  All other furniture is up in the air; it might stay or it might go.  This is what you see:
green - dog crate (going)
purple - bookshelf (going)
dark purple - full length mirror
yellow - trashcar
red - nightstand
orange - corner shelf

 This is what it will look like after all is said and done.  I only brought in a small shelf from Ikea (white).  Not a big change, but there is no other set up that works for this room.  I have two closets to which I cannot blog access; this takes away an entire wall.

Update: We settled on this layout again.  It's the best thing for the room and with the bookshelf gone everything feels bigger.  (There is one more update at the bottom of this page)

I tried this layout, but it doesn't really work because I'd have to walk all the way around the bed to get to my closet.  That will just drive me crazy. Also, this layout puts the dresser too far from the closet.

Then I tried this layout.  I used to have my bed on this wall, but it made the room feel too small.  All the open space is at the end of the room.

So I'll stick with the original layout since I like this the best.  Someday I'll have a bedroom that is strictly a bedroom and not a home office, but this works for now.  Make it work.

Here is what the bedroom looks like at the moment.  As a point of reference, the old paint color was the same as the door and trim.  I know it doesn't look like much of a change, but this room is a very dark room. It does not get a lot of sun and doesn't have a ceiling light.  I love the subtle gray and the contrast it gives between the walls and the furniture.

There will be many posts coming about our projects this weekend, but give me time.  There is a lot to write.


  1. You two are definitely efficiency experts. Can't wait to see the before/after pictures.

  2. OK...first "after" picture posted and it looks fantastic. Subtle but big change already. Can't wait to see the finished room. I saved before and after pictures of just about everything we've done in our house and you can see how far you've come.

  3. Forgot to mention that you two are working Charlie way too hard. She's just a tiny girl and looks totally exhausted.