Friday, September 23, 2011

No Naps!

Mom arrived for our extended weekend together on Thursday night.  The first thing we did was unload the car; five trips later, everything was in the apartment.  Mom brought sewing supplies, paint supplies, clothes and a present for Charlie (you can see her sitting on it in the background) - more on that later.

The first step on Friday was to clear out the room.  We wanted to get everything out of the bedroom so that when we got up on Saturday morning we would be ready to go!

I'll be honest, I definitely had a little heart attack when I started painting.  I know that paint dries darker than it goes on, but this went on white.  After taking a few minutes to discuss it, we both decided we liked how light it was and the work began.  It was a tough job.  It went on so light that it was hard to tell where you had already painted.

I love my white furniture, but now I love it even more.  It's nice to finally have a contrast between the furniture and the walls.

One of my favorite things about this new set up is that the old, dark bookcase is gone.  It's now in the dining room and it fits much better there.  I love walking into my bedroom to open space, instead of practically bumping into a bookshelf.

Let's take a look at some of the details...

This is my favorite part of the room.  I LOVE my mirror and I'm so glad it's not stuck in the dark storage closet anymore.  It deserves to see the light!  Also, those yellow baskets are perfect for laying out my clothes for the next day.  Best part is, you don't have to see the clothes.  Mom spotted them at Homegoods and they rock!  And the white drawer unit they sit on is a great improvement from Charlie's old crate.

I also bought this at Homegoods, but it doesn't have a place in the new set up yet because the shelf it will be sitting on has not been painted.  But someday soon, it will look awesome.

I used some leftover fabric to fill this frame.  I want to get some good black and white photos for this, but the fabric will do until then.

Say hello to my awesome curtain!  Mom made this for me.  She had the idea to make it go all the way from top to bottom, unlike the old shower curtain I had before this.  Now that I can't see the mess behind it, my room feels much cleaner.

As we were walking around Target, I spotted this little trash can for $3.  I had to get it.

This was the inspiration for it all.  The amazing bedspread.  I bought the fabric online and Mom did the rest!  It's sewn beautifully and there are even snaps in the corners to keep the duvet cover connected to the comforter.  Genius!  We used a blue sheet set from Target for the back.  The blue on the back of the comforter is the same as the blue on the bottom of the closet curtain.  The window curtains are also made from a sheet set.  Mom also made the curtains.  She was a very busy lady.

I smoothed the bed out to take this picture, then Charlie got on the bed and ruined it.  After kicking her off the bed, I forgot to smooth it out again.  Oh, Charlie.  As I write this, she is enjoying the awesome, cushiness that is my bed.

I must admit, I like that she likes it.  Anything that gets me more cuddle time with the pooch is a good thing.

It was a long weekend and we worked very hard!  I took a personal day on Monday so that we could have more time to work.  We started Friday night and were finished Monday evening at 5.  We had 5 wonderful hours to relax before Mom had to leave.  We even made it through the whole weekend without a nap!  We had one scheduled for Saturday, but we skipped it. Mom asked me if we could move it to Sunday and I said "NO NAPS!"

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  1. Nothing like creating happy and fun memories with our mom and our dog!!! It's also so fun to come home to some place that truly feels like "our home!"