Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kisses, Gremlins, and Mud

Over the weekend, Cameron decided to take his relationship with Charlie to the next level.  You need to know something, when Cameron kisses he basically just pushes his open mouth against your face.  So when he started "kissing" Charlie I was a little worried.

Here's how it works: he walks over to Charlie, leans forward, gets a quick lick, squeals, and runs away.  It was pretty darn adorable; especially since it was all his idea.  Obviously, this is the "gremlin" picture.

It was so adorable that I made him do it again.

He just loves that dog.  Cam's main word right now is "dog."  It can be a question, demand, cry, cheer, or laugh.  He just walks around all day saying "dog. dog. dog. dog. dog. DOG. dog. doooooog. dog."

After some doggie play time.  We headed outside to the sandbox, but Cam soon became sidetracked by the mud.

He liked stepping in the mud, bu he was being so dainty.  I got bored with that, so I told him to touch it (much to his mom's chagrin).  He slowly knelt down, reached out one finger, and poked it.  After a few minutes of testing things out, he sat down in it.

Then it was back into the sandbox to combine sad and mud.

Then back to the mud.  He was staying so clean, I wanted to tell him to pick it up and rub it on his belly.  Charlotte wouldn't let me.

Maybe next time (when Char isn't there), he'll get really muddy.  Then we'll do the keep-him-as-far-away-as-possible hold as we carry him to the tub.  Now that will be some real fun, but this was a good start.

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  1. Those kissing pictures of Cam and Charlie...oy vey! I just start laughing every time I look at them. Auntie Ginner...you are a very special babysitter, I have to say that. We always had some crabby old lady taking care of us when we were little kids.